Asher Monroe releases video for new song My First Lady

Asher Monroe has released a video for his new song My First Lady. Ok it’s not really a new song, it’s one of the first songs he ever wrote and has been waiting for the right time to release it, and he feels that time is now.

My First Lady is a heartfelt and utterly stunning and moving  Country Pop ballad about a lady in his life who he loves and wants to thank for being there for him and helping him to shape his life into what it is today. (At least that’s our interpretation of the lyrics.)

It’s lovely and has so much more meaning that Asher has waited till now to release such a personal track as it shows that he is happy both personally and professionally and wants to pay tribute to the lady he feels is partially responsible for bringing about that happiness.

Asher recently appeared on Morning Brew where he performed My First Lady and talked about his cover of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean.


Asher releasing yet another absolutely gorgeous song just shows us how much he really needs to tour and play the tracks live for his fans to hear.

Let us know @CelebMix if you love My First Lady and would love to see Asher live on tour!



Written by Kelly McFarland

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