Ashlee Simpson, Skye Sweetnam & Charli XCX – The Pop Punk Sisters

Who ever said ladies can’t be punk (or pop punk for that matter)?

Skye Sweetnam, Charli XCX and Ashlee Simpson have one of the most centered pop punk influenced albums, respectively.

From the infectious Noise From The Basement, Sweetnam, who is now part of metal band Sumo Cyco, had one of 2004’s most underrated releases. Despite critics naming the album to cliche for it’s own good, the simple and to the point lyrics made it a very smooth-follow record.

From the hardcore riffs of ‘Number One’ to her most well known song aka signature song, ‘Tangled Up In Me’, Skye Sweetnam was one of the few artists at the time experimenting with that hard edge sound. (this was around 2003/2004).

Ashlee Simpsons Autobiography may have divided critics, but it’s punk influence in songs like ‘La La’ showcased why she was vastly different musically than her sister Jessica Simpson.

Apart from Charli XCX and Sweetnam, Ashlee’s debut was commercially successful worldwide selling over 5 million copies.

Charli XCX then came from the underground to deliver Sucker. A critically acclaimed album that sounds too good to be true. ‘Sucker’ and ‘London Queen’ are considered the punk highlights of Charli’s record with loud and beautiful bombastic sounds.

Unfortunately, while there may not be many female stars with that punk like influence and/or appeal in mainstream radio now there might be someone new who could eventually breakthrough.

We’ll be on the lookout for those inspired driven albums just for you!

If you’re a punk kind of gal/guy or just want some new music to listen to, check these ladies out! We’ll drop a few of their songs below so you can see what they’re all about! Enjoy!

Ashlee Simpson | La La


Skye Sweetnam | Number One


Charli XCX | London Queen


Written by Dannii C.

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