Ashley Tisdale Relaunches Her YouTube Channel With An Acoustic Rendition Of Paramore’s “Still Into You”

Known for playing Sharpay Evans in the High School Musical franchise; Ashley Tisdale wants to reconnect with you on her YouTube Channel.

Every other Tuesday, she will be dropping videos on a range of topics. These topics include music, fashion, makeup, travel, and cooking. Marked as #TizzieTuesday, Ashley Tisdale kickstarted it all off yesterday with an introductory video and her first instalment of her music sessions.

Watch Ashley Tisdale introduce her relaunched YouTube Channel here:

The music session has already started with a lovely rendition of the Paramore song “Still Into You”. This cover is beautiful to hear, with Ashley Tisdale’s clear crisp vocals igniting the track.

It’s a collaboration with her husband and lead singer of Annie Automatic, Christopher French, who she married in September 2014. His rock-edged voice compliments her vocals beautifully. Their harmonies create tingly sparks of electricity.

This is one of their favourite songs, and they have definitely done it justice. Paramore’s original version may be amazing, but this interestingly slower take on the song leaves us wanting more. Emotional throughout, this song clearly means a lot to both of them.

Watch Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French cover “Still Into You”:

This is the start of #TizzieTuesday; we cannot wait to see what Ashley Tisdale has in store for us. At the end of her “Stil Into You” cover, she announced that she has some special collaborations on the way. Who could be singing with her next? We are hoping for a collaboration with Lucas Grabeel, who played her on-screen brother, Ryan Evans, in the High School Musical franchise.

Will you be tuning in every other Tuesday for #TizzieTuesday? What do you think of Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French’s cover of “Still Into You”? Do you prefer it over Paramore’s original? Tell us all your thoughts on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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