Secret Love Song Pt. 2: An Emotional LGBTQ+ Anthem

One of the best feelings in the world is being able to completely relate to a song. To understand and feel connected to every lyric, like the artist is singing about your exact situation. For LGBTQ+ people, this may not be a common experience. Many songs use gendered pronouns or are known to be about a heterosexual relationship, so there can be some disconnect when LGBTQ+ people try to relate to them.

On their third album Get Weird, Little Mix created a song called “Secret Love Song”. The single version features Jason DeRulo and uses he/him pronouns, and is assumed to be about a straight couple. However, they made another version for their album, and called it “Secret Love Song Pt. 2”. This song has received an overwhelming amount of support from the LGBTQ+ community. We’ve already talked about how Little Mix are strong LGBTQ+ allies, and this is yet another example of how they support the community.

The song is not explicitly about the LGBTQ+ community, but Jade Thirlwall has said that it can be interpreted in many ways, one being: “A gay couple who feel like they can’t be truly open with their feelings to the outside world.”

The part two version of the song avoids all gender specific pronouns, which makes the song relatable for anyone. Its lyrics reflect the feelings of someone who’s hopeless and trapped in the situation of being in love, but not being accepted by society if they choose to show it publicly. The song speaks out for change, not just legally, but socially.

Even going beyond being a relatable song, Secret Love Song has also helped some fans take action within their own lives. When speaking to Capital FM, Little Mix said: “We’ve been having loads of people say that it’s helped them almost to come out, to say that they’re gay and that is an incredible thing.”

Let’s look at some of the lyrics from Secret Love Song Pt. II that are relatable for the LGBTQ+ community, and explain their meaning.

“You and I both have to hide on the outside where I can’t be yours and you can’t be mine”

This one is pretty simple to understand. The couple in question are forced into keeping their relationship private. When they’re out in public, they’re scared to show affection towards each other, in fear of the backlash they may receive. Keeping love and affection hidden is an unfortunate burden many people carry daily.

“But we know this, we got a love that is hopeless”

Unfortunately, we still live in a society where this kind of thing is the norm. So many LGBTQ people are terrified of showing their love in public, and just want to keep themselves and their partner safe. They’re trapped, and it has sadly become a reality that many have accepted. They are fully aware that some people will not accept them for who they are no matter what, and it’s hopeless to try to change the minds of these people.

“Why can’t I say that I’m in love, I want to shout it from the rooftops”

The important thing about this lyric is that it proves that the couple does not want to keep their love private. They’re in love, the exact same feeling that drives straight couples to show public affection. This couple deeply desires to share their love with everyone and be in a free relationship. They want to not have to worry about hiding anymore, and to be completely true to themselves all the time.

“I wonder if it ever will change, I’m living for that day, someday”

This part of the song questions the ability of society to one day, be accepting of all. It is a plea for change in the hearts of people, to respect love in all its ways. Simply put, the couple is waiting for the day that they can show their love for each other without others judgement or criticism.


Fans love this song so much, many desperately want a music video for the part 2 version of the song, featuring LGBTQ+ people. It was rumoured that Little Mix had hired actors for the music video to play straight, gay, lesbian and interracial couples, but the final video featured only the girls and Jason.

Fans have taken things into their own hands and created their own music videos for the Part 2 version of the song. Most of them use some clips from Little Mix’s video and then some from other music videos that feature homosexual relationships. These include Troye Sivan’s ‘Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy’, Halsey’s ‘Ghost’ and Hayley Kiyoko’s ‘Girls Like Girls’. These music videos are very well made, and the visuals fit with the song perfectly. Check out our favourites here and here.

Little Mix put on a powerful performance of this song earlier this month at the Summertime Ball. It’s clear that many people there resonated strongly with the performance. In fact, some pride flags were being waved during the song!

The crowd at Little Mix’s show in Stockholm, Sweden, was also very connected to the song.


In light of the recent Orlando shootings, there is continued outrage at the discrimination and hatred LGBTQ+ people face on a daily basis, both in America and around the world. Out of fear of what may happen to them, countless LGBTQ+ people choose to hide their true identity on a daily basis, like the couple written about in Secret Love Song. One fan posted this heartwarming and hopeful comment under the Summertime Ball performance on YouTube.

Secret Love Song Pt. 2: A Strong LGBTQ Anthem 1

Little Mix recently dedicated their performance of Secret Love Song at their show in Amsterdam to the victims of the Orlando shooting.


They also held the pride flag while singing Secret Love Song at their show in Antwerp, Belgium.


Secret Love Song is a song that anyone can relate to easily. Its lyrics are representative of the struggles many LGBTQ+ individuals face on a daily basis. Not only does it provide comfort and understanding for those who need it most, it also demands change regarding a larger scale issue. It begs for society to be accepting, respectful and kind to everyone, including the LGBTQ+ community. Thank you, Little Mix for writing this bold, inspiring song that will continue to affect millions around the world.

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.