Astro’s MJ Makes Solo Debut with Catchy Digital Single ‘Happy Virus’

Astro’s MJ made his solo debut with his digital single ‘Happy Virus’. He is the first member of the KPOP group to debut solo. MJ is the main vocalist in Astro and is nicknamed ‘Happy Virus’. Which is where the title for his solo debut will be from. We think it is amazing that his solo debut surrounds something that is meaningful which is his nickname that he is given because he is the member that smiles the most. We think that he is most likely the member who always makes cheers up the rest of the members when they are down, judging by his nickname.

Astro are a very talented group. With the majority of the members having many strings to their bow. Eunwoo is a popular idol actor whose fame skyrocketed after his role in KDrama ‘True Beauty’ that picked up fans accross the globe. Sanha and Moonbin are MC’s dabbling in presenting shows. MJ is even talented in musical theatre. He was cast in the Korean version of the popular award winning musical LGBT+ musical ‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’.

MJ’s debut song is a genre called ‘Trot’ music. ‘Happy Virus’ which was made by trot legend ‘Young-tak. Also featuring child singer Kim Tae-yeon.

MJ’s solo debut is very upbeat and has disco style vibes to it. It is a track that people could definately dance to. It has feel good vibes. We absolutely love the song. It is accompanied by a feel good and positive, colourful music video. The choreography in the music video is also amazing and makes you want to dance along.

MJ has definitely exceeded our expectations with his solo debut. We can not wait to see what is next from MJ and also the rest of the members of Astro.

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Written by Emily Severn

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