People Make Love
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Attack the Sound Releases Spicy “People Make Love”

Chicago-based pop outfit Attack the Sound unveils their stimulating new single/music video, “People Make Love.”

“People Make Love” follows Attack the Sound’s recent performance on Chicago’s Windy City LIVE, WGN TV, and opening for rapper Taylor Bennet.

Featuring the erotic tones of lead singer Davo Sounds, “People Make Love” allows the eight-piece band to strut their cool R&B sound.

“People Make Love” opens on smooth, sensuous horns flowing into a lush, undulating R&B melody riding a rolling bassline and relaxed, finessed percussion. Davo Sounds’ creamy tones imbue the lyrics with erogenous textures.

“Now time runs / From night to day / Girl come with me / So I can hold you close / And then all you’ll hear / From ear to ear / Is whispers / Sweet whispers in the dark.”

The swaying, rippling harmonics travel atop the supple bassline, followed by skiffing guitars crowned by brightly braying horns, exuding smooth and velvety surfaces as tasty drums provide breaking accents. Chiming keyboards imbue the tune with light, twinkling coloration, giving the song tender luminous savors.

The video, directed by Kiim Bosh, depicts Davo Sounds and a beautiful young woman engaging in amorous foreplay, as Davo whispers in her ear. Cuts to hazy blue scenes fill the visuals with misty hues and then shift to the band playing amid a bevy of gorgeous women strolling about in filmy apparel. The video ends with Davo in a phone booth with a red-clad, pretty young woman, followed by him diving onto a huge bed with three attractive women.

On the chorus, Davo Sounds’ posh vocals convey the essence of romantic adoration.

“All my people make sweet love /We can make sweet love / We can make sweet love, yeah /Sweet whispers in the dark / All my people make sweet love /Sweet whispers in the dark.”

Polished with silky-smooth coloration, rising and falling waves of harmonics, and the cashmere voice of Davo Sounds, “People Make Love” drips with eroticism.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.