Auditions Continue on America’s Got Talent

For the last two weeks, our Tuesday nights have been taken over by America’s Got Talent!  The talent competition is in its eleventh season and the contestants are giving it their all.  If you’ve been keeping up, odds are you’ve laughed, been awestruck, and probably even shed some tears at the caliber of not only talent, but heart we’ve seen on stage so far.

Tuesday’s episode started off with a four piece who call themselves Good Girl who aimed to be the US version of the spice girls who started their act with killer vocals that got the crowd on their feet, they commanded the entire room.  Howie jumped to his feet at the end of their performance and screamed “YES”, it was no surprise that they made it through.

There were multiple dance acts but one was unlike the rest, The John Rothman Dancers from Las Vegas, they had to be one of our favorite acts so far and they earned a standing ovation after their performance, rightfully so!  They went to the next round after earning 3 yes’.

The Russian Bar Trio returned for their second chance at America’s Got Talent after one member got hurt and they had to leave the competition in season 3.  Watching their performance made our jaws drop, it was one of the most incredible we’ve seen on the show this far.  Simon said of their performance:

It was more than a comeback, it was a triumph.

Next up was Kadie Lynn who brought the fans at home to tears as she sang her heart out on stage.  It’s clear that regardless of where she ends up in this competition, she’s going to be a name we’ll remember for a very long time.

One Voice, an acapella group from Tennessee brought a lot of different types of people to the group and they sounded absolutely phenomenal together – they also made it through to the next round, but not before one of the members of the group confessed his crush to a friend with a scene from the office, and an invitation to prom.

The show brought a slew of comedians on stage as well, including 13-year-old Lori Mae who started telling jokes when her dad got Bells Palsy and found it hard to smile, after about a year his smile came back and Lori found confidence so she kept with comedy.  The crowd rose to their feet in applause and you could tell Lori was so proud of herself, as she should have been.  She earned it.

Sal was the closing act on the third auditions episode of AGT and his soulful, smooth voice was incredible, it took us back to the Frank Sinatra days.  Sal sang ‘My Way’ and executed it perfectly, it was passionate and full of emotion.  Before he began singing, he said he didn’t come here to audition, he came to win – and Heidi Klum must have thought so too, as she gave Sal the second golden buzzer of this season.

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Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.