Aura Blaze Releases Lyric Video for “Good While It Lasted”

Infusing the vibes of 60’s and 70’s music, Aura Blaze (Rhode Rachel) is a New Jersey-based psychedelic rock artist who does all of the vocals, instruments, and production for his music. His passion and unique sound is what lead us to listening to his latest song, “Good While It Lasted.”

With lyrics like, “Since we split up all manners of emotions cross my mind / Yet I’m still mad in love,” and “It’s obvious I wasn’t right for you / Yet I can’t shake the will to turn around in how I feel / It’s hard to say you’re mad, when it was good while it lasted,” you can tell he misses someone dearly, but knows he has to get over them because they don’t feel the same way.

What we love about the song is that the meaning behind these heartfelt lyrics are a bit sad, but positive at the same time. Aura Blaze takes a bad situation and turns it into a masterpiece as well a breakup anthem. If you listen to this song, the music is even uplifting! With its 60’s and 70’s sound, we feel like we’re running in a field of flowers and letting all of our negative emotions healthily go.

You can find “Good While It Lasted” on his newest album, The Sparkling Black, which was recently released June 21st!  According to Aura Blaze, “This is the esoterically-chosen date of the summer solstice. This was done intentionally to further enforce the mystical whimsicality of the Aura Blaze brand as well as act as a nod to the “sun and moon” theme that encompasses the album, with the opening track “Overture: Solar Emerge” and the closer, “Reprise: Lunar Dissolve.””

With this album, The Sparkling Black, Aura Blaze wants to take his listeners across soundscape of extreme catchiness and beautiful melody, but also through the avant-garde and surreal.

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WATCH Aura Blaze’s lyric video for “Good While It Lasted” below:

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