Autism Awareness Month: Charities Around the World

Autism Awareness Month, which calls us to stand with the millions affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) worldwide, can make us wonder what we can do to help. Learning about the disorder is an essential step, but if you’re looking for more ways to contribute, we’ve found two great organizations committed to improving the lives of those affected by autism.

The Autism Society is one of the US’ main autism organizations. They work to advocate for the autistic community, support people with ASD and their families, and spread awareness about ASD.

Every July, the Autism Society holds a national conference to discuss ASD and build unity within the autistic community. Other main services include the Autism Advocate, a magazine that publishes stories from people impacted by ASD and advice for living with the disorder. The Autism Society also runs Autism Source, a National Contact Center that provides information about autism. Contact Autism Source by calling 800-3AUTISM (800-328-8476), or by emailing

To learn more about the Autism Society, visit their website here and feel free to follow their Twitter @AutismSociety.

On the other side the Atlantic, the National Autistic Society serves the autistic community of the UK. Their school programs provide education for people across the autistic spectrum. They also support an app, Brain in Hand, that gives greater independence to people with autism. In addition, their Online Community serves as a supportive forum where people can ask questions and share their experiences with autism.

Like the Autism Society (US), the National Autistic Society also has a hotline to answer questions about ASD. You can call them at 0808 800 4104, or complete this form.

Want more information on the National Autistic Society? Check out their website here or download their free info pack here. You can also follow them on Twitter @Autism.

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Written by CelebMix