Avicii makes a comeback with EP “Avici”

It’s always a moment of joy when our favourite artists make a comeback. Today is the day for Avicii’s fans as the DJ has made a comeback with five beautiful tracks.

The “Wake Me Up” hitmaker sent fans into a frenzy when he released a teaser snippet of his new material. Now he has treated his fans to five new singles from his new EP Avici – “Friend of Mine”, “Lonely Together”, “You be Love”, “Without You” and “What Would I Change It To”.

Check out our review for each track:

Friend of Mine by Avicii ft. Vargas and Lagola

“Friend of Mine” is a perfect song for friends who find their comfort and soul with each other. The song is from the perspective of an individual who is trying to decipher his/her relationship with his/her friend. Throughout the song, the individual keeps on asking “Are you a friend of mine or more than that?”

The lyrics are beautiful. The single as a whole is narratorial and an addition to Vargas and Lagola’s legacy. The singer has earlier collaborated with Avicii for hits like “Hey Brother” and it’s no surprise that he has released yet another brilliant single.

Without You by Sandro Cavazza

Avicii’s “Without You” might be a part of newly released singles but it is actually not that new. The single was first premiered at Ultra Music Festival in the year 2016 and since then, has been on the wishlist of fans.

If one listens to the track, one can trace the reminiscences of Avicii’s previous singles in its music. The theme of significance of loved ones is carried on from “Friend of Mine”. Sandro Cavazza has provided his powerful vocals in the song. In terms of both lyrics and music, the track is pretty similar to “Friend of Mine”.

Lonely Together by Avicii feat. Rita Ora

Rita Ora is on roll. This is not just a comeback for Avicii but also for the “Poison” hitmaker who too released her single “Your Song” just a few months back.

The song aptly describes the pain of the person who is friends with her ex. She finds herself at an “edge of the knife” as she cannot leave her friend but she cannot revive her romantic relationship. In terms of its music, the song is ironic. While the lyrics depict the pain and struggle, the music makes one groove instantly to the beats. Ora and Avicii’s collab is surprising but at the same time, really refreshing. We look forward to more collaborations from the duo.

You Be Love by Avicii feat. Billy Raffoul

The first beat and subsequent guitar brings James Bay’s “Hold Back to the River” to mind when one listens to the song. This track is the most unique in terms of its music. Mixing flute with guitar and electronic dance music, the song gives a different flavour to Avicii’s music.

Using the stylistic tools of comparison, “You Be Love” is a beautiful love song. If taken together, this song is one step ahead from “Friend of Mine”. It is an individual’s confession of his/her love. Earlier, it was just realization but now it’s an open proposal.

Raffoul’s raw and raspy vocal definitely adds to the single’s uniqueness. It is one of our favourite tracks from the list.

What Would I Change It To by Avicii feat. AlunaGeorge

Avicii has this time offered us with two types of song. One is heavily laden with electronic dance music and a beat drop whilst the other is set on guitar.

“What Would I Change It To” belongs to type two. The song has a celebratory tone and yet again, uses sounds from Avicii’s previous hits. The single is a simple reminder that failures are just one moment for which beautiful parts of one’s life should not be changed. One should get up and move on.

AlunaGeorge has done full justice to the song and it is our second most favourite from the list.

Avicii knows how to surprise his fans. He has shown that talent surpasses breaks and age. We look forward to more music from him.

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