Backstreet Boys announce their 2016 cruise

For a few years now, the Backstreet Boys have taken some days out of their busy schedules to go on a cruise with some very lucky fans.

This year the ship will depart from Barcelona, Spain on May 10.  They will be stopping in France and Italy along their voyage before docking back in Spain on May 14.

Fans will get the chance to watch on board concerts, participate in trivia games against the guys, as well as dress up in costumes they have created for theme nights. This year, their first night will be A Night At The Cinema where the fans and the guys will dress up as their favorite character from a movie for a night of dancing aboard the ship.

With a mix of fun activities involving the guys, there is sure to be plenty to do.  On past cruises there have been trivia games, such as Are You Smarter Than A Backstreet Boy where a group of fans answered questions against the band.  Questions included everything from what years were the Backstreet Boys on the cover of Rolling Stone to how many albums they sold of their album Millennium.

And then there were a few rounds of Don’t Forget The Lyrics.  Where fans and the guys took turns singing popular karaoke songs and had to say what the next song lyric was when the music stopped.  Our favorite rounds would have to be a tie between Howie, Brian, and A.J. singing Let It Go from Frozen and A.J. serenading the crowd with Boyfriend by Justin Bieber.

We’re looking forward to what this year will bring.  We’re sure there will be many Instagram posts from the guys, their band’s page, as well as the fans who are on board.  You can follow their voyage on Instagram.

What solo artist or band would you want to go on a cruise with? Let us know @CelebMix!

Written by Elissa Rose

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