Promotional photo for "Les Pays Bass" which sees Bassjackers sitting on a brown leather couch with a white-walled room and wood flooring with a red carpet rug. Marlon Flohr is on the left wearing a blue tracksuit with white sneakers, and Ralph van Hilst is on the right wearing a black two-piece suit with a navy tie and white sneakers.

Bassjackers drop their first EP in over four years titled “Les Pays Bass” containing six brand new dance anthemic tracks

It may have been four years since they released an EP, but Bassjackers are here to make a statement with their “Les Pays Bass” which contains six never-before-heard tracks. This follows up the L3N remix of their collaboration with ANG, titled “Olé Olé”.

Bassjackers are a dance producer and DJ duo consisting of Marlon Flohr and Ralph van Hilst. They officially formed in 2007, and soon made their mark on the music industry, dropping the dancefloor hit “Mush Mush” which was then picked up by Tiësto and released on his label Musical Freedom. The track was a success on Beatport, landing inside the top 10 and staying there for two months. Since then, the duo have gone from strength to strength, dominating the electronic dance scene and collaborating with some of the biggest names in the industry including Martin Garrix, Afrojack, KSHMR, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, R3HAB, and Showtek. On top of that, they’ve gone on to remix for Rihanna, Enrique Iglesias, Moby, and Ne-Yo. Their most-streamed track on Spotify is currently “Fireflies” featuring Luciana which was released on Spinnin’ Records and currently has 42.6 million streams. They’ve also appeared in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs since 2015 and currently sit at their highest placement to date at number 27 in 2022. They continue to make waves in the EDM world, and we’re excited to see what 2023 brings to this exciting DJ and producing duo.

Talking about the EP, Bassjackers said: “‘Les Pays Bass’ is not polished. It’s testing what sounds the newest technologies can make, combined with old flavors and raw energy. We want to create a place for the real ravers: the land of the Bass. We’re now amidst our Les Pays Bass US Tour, and we’re really implementing all that Les Pays Bass stands for. Experimenting is always scary, but the crowds are certainly ready. We’re also excited about the new Les Pays Bass merch! Thanks to an awesome new partner, we can really take it to the next level and be more than just a shirt or sweater. Also, Les Pays Bass radio will start broadcasting again, and we have some unique formats. All in all, exciting times are here, and we’re really happy and inspired!”

Stream “Les Pays Bass” by Bassjackers on Spotify here:

The experimental format of “Les Pays Bass” really implements the Bassjackers sound as their huge energetic and electronic bass hits hard from beginning to end, really creating a six-track raving set. “How We Do” opens it up with a bang and a half with big room drums, addicting electronic beats and chords, and a rolling lyric of “Let me show you how we do this” which is captivating and unforgettable, opening this EP in the perfect way. “Bass Hammer” follows and the title describes the sound effortlessly as unstoppable bass floods in, with supersonic drives and stabbing synths that is sure to surprise the listener and make you move.

The third track, “Oldschool Vibe” throws it right back whilst keeping an influential modern production mix to the overall sound, it’s clear that Bassjackers are respectful to past EDM, determined to showcase how you can still make modern house music whilst including beats and sounds from the past; this feels like one nostalgic trip, taking us back decades and making us feel what people felt back then – Bassjackers makes sure we don’t miss out on those raving heydays. Following that up is “Arabian Nights Part 2” which is in collaboration with Diètro featuring Kazden, and is a sequel to the 2021 single “Arabian Nights” in collaboration with Diètro, which infuses the sounds you’d expect to hear when you think about Arabian Nights, with modern house music including a pumping bassline and addicting melody; this duo is really showcasing that music is for everyone and that you can blend different beats, sounds, and genres to create awesome music.

Track five is “Burnout” which slows the collection down, somewhat and is perfect for a dancefloor filler track as it not only slows the tempo at the beginning, but it also surprises ravers by twisting up the flow creating fired-up moments around sizzling bass giving ups and downs as well as progressiveness. The “Les Pays Bass” EP ends with the track “That Bass”, that fully brings the Bassjacker sound to the table with a super intense build-up overlayed with sultry female vocals with lyrics: “That bass”, “I’m ma make it real good”, “That beat”, and “Oh my god”, while a male vocal states: “Back to the sound of the bass”, which leads to an epic bass drop that is beyond fierce.

Stream our favourite track from the EP, “Oldschool Vibe” here:

“Les Pays Bass”, by Bassjackers, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Smash The House. They’re also launching a new Les Pays Bass merch line as well as a monthly radio show of the same name, so look out for them in due course.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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