Bea Miller makes late night television debut with ‘Song Like You’

Bea Miller conquered her first career late night talk show performance on Thursday evening.

The X-Factor album took the Late Late Show stage with “Song Like You,” the lead single off her latest project Chapter One: Blue, which focuses on a real novel concept.

“In the blue chapter, you’ll experience the sadness, the regret and the loneliness,” Miller shared prior to the release of Blue back in February.

The singer is slated to release two more “chapters” over the course of the year. Chapter Two: Red will be available in May and Chapter Three: Yellow drops in August. All of the songs will eventually culminate in a full album due out in November.

“I had somebody in my life who wasn’t good for me. I was constantly torn between needing to move on and not being able to accept that I needed to move on,” the 18-year-old told TIME about how her catchy, new single came to life. “One morning it just clicked. I was sitting on the train going to the studio in New York. I started writing down good things that eventually escalate into things that are not so great. Like a wave that eventually becomes a hurricane. Or, a lullaby that you can’t even hear because the baby’s crying.”

“I feel like “song like you” is not only the beginning of this release, but the beginning of this entire story—this entire part of my life,” she added.

Check out Bea’s performance of “Song Like You” below.


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Written by Cayla Masters

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