Bea Miller Releases New EP ‘elated!’

Bea Miller released her new EP, elated!, today! For Bea, this seven-song project is her most honest body of work yet, as she gets more personal and political while remaining fierce at just 21-years-old.

Bea shared via Instagram, saying, “I’ve had many days and nights where I felt afraid to share it [elated!] with you. To share it even with my friends and my family. Sometimes I don’t realize how deeply certain experiences and observations affect me until I write them down, and creating this ep was incredibly freeing. I ask that you listen to it with an open mind, and I hope that it will be there for you in moments when you’re laughing, in moments when you’re crying and everything in between.”

“Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to creating this collection of songs in any way,” she shared. “I couldn’t have sorted through my thoughts without you, and thank you to all of you, who have stayed with me until I was ready to share them. I hope it was worth the wait”

YES Bea, we think it was worth the wait!

After releasing this new EP and headlining two tours across North America, (and some in Europe) there’s truly no stopping her. When she released “feel something,” it ended up becoming a viral hit in 2020, getting over 192 million streams while becoming a fan favorite on TikTok. It has amassed over 3.4 billion video views and over 1.3 million video creations in part thanks to the “Euphoria Makeup Challenge.” See below, where Lizzo does the challenge:


Reposting cus my duet just got 7mil in 2 hrs so maybe I’m on fyp mode

? feel something – bea miller – valenn?

Battling her anger about the current political tumult Bea sings:

“How am I supposed to work on myself / When there are Nazis in a big White House / Seems ridiculous to live in hell / But I guess that’s what we’re doing now/ Maybe I should see a therapist but the apocalypse is probably gonna take us out I don’t really like the way that sounds but it’s too late now / I might need help”

She meditates on the lost innocence of her childhood as Bea sings:             

“I don’t know I don’t know how to get her back /I don’t know where she go where she go go / Why am I so stupid / Used to be so smart / When they pulled my teeth out / Lost the wisest part I used to be so happy / No matter what happened to me / But when they pulled my teeth out / Lost the wisest part”

You can purchase or stream elated! HERE.

Watch her latest video, “Wisdom Teeth”, below:

Will you be listening to Bea Miller’s new EP? 

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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