Beatrix Potter’s 150th Anniversary Brings A New Tale

Fans of Beatrix Potter stories, get excited, because a tale she wrote over 100 years ago is finally being published!

In the 150th anniversary year of the author’s birth, ‘The Tale of Kitty-in-Boots’ will go on sale for the first time in September.

The story was found two years ago by publisher Jo Hanks, who spotted the reference in an out-of-print biography.

The story referred to a letter Potter had written to her publisher in 1914, talking about a news story about “a well-behaved prime black Kitty cat, who leads rather a double life”.

Only one illustration was found in the manuscript, drawn by Potter herself.

150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter brings a new tale 1

Quentin Blake, the illustrator behind the Roald Dahl books, will provide the drawings for Potter’s newest release. Following the proposal, he said “it seemed almost incredible when, early in 2015, I was sent the manuscript of a story by Beatrix Potter. One which had lain unpublished for 100 years and which, with the exception of a single drawing, she had never illustrated.”

He went on to say that he instantly loved the story and would be honoured to provide the illustration. “I have a strange feeling it was waiting for me.”

Sir Quentin will be the perfect artist for the beloved author because he, like Potter, understands what makes a story engaging for both children and adults.

The author said in letters that she had wanted to finish the story but “interruptions began”, including the First World War, her marriage and illness.

Potter’s first, and probably most popular children’s book was ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’, based on a real rabbit named Peter Piper, and was an instant success.


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