Bebe Rexha Reveals Tracklist and Cover of Debut Album

It’s coming, ladies and gentlemen, it is finally coming! After months and months of speculation, teasing and sharing of snippets, US singer-songwriter Bebe Rexha has finally revealed more information about her long-awaited debut album.

After sharing, back in October, that the record is titled “All Your Fault”, she explained a couple of days ago that it will be divided into two parts. Part One contains the more urban and rhythmic tracks, according to Bebe. She took to Twitter today to clarify this statement by releasing the official track list.

A.Y. F. Part One” contains “Atmosphere“, a song that Bebe released as a work in progress last year on her Soundcloud page, the official lead single “I Got You“, the fan favorite “Small Doses“, as well as collaborations with her friend G-Eazy and Ty Dolla $ign, and “Gateway Drug“.

Bebe shared a few snippets of her dancing to those songs last year on her Snapchat account. As far as we can tell, Part One is going to be a fun ride. If you want to explore some of the songs for yourself, you can just click on the video below.

But wait, there is more! Not only did Bebe share the track list for her album, she also debuted the official cover. It features her standing in the falling snow, dressed in white underwear with a blue fur. Simple but striking.

“All Your Fault: Part One” will be released worldwide February 17. It is Bebe Rexha’s first album and follows the release of the lead single “I Got You”. Other than being really busy promoting said single, she is also in preparation of her first headlining tour. It starts in March and takes her all over the US and Canada. Bebe mentioned on Twitter that international tour dates will follow soon.

For now, though, we are looking forward to the release of Part One.

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