Bebe Rexha Talks Louis Tomlinson: ‘He’s Really Cool, Really Humble, Really Down to Earth’

Fans of Louis Tomlinson have been waiting (not so) patiently to find out when we’d hear another single from him. Rumors started flying weeks ago that his next single would be a collaboration with Bebe Rexha and fans were excited. Bebe’s sound is unique, she makes hits, and she’s super talented. Paired with Louis’ talent, sound, and impeccable songwriting ability – the hit would be an immediate success.

Then, it was confirmed that Louis and Bebe, as well as Digital Farm Animals had indeed worked together on a tune titled ‘Back To You’ and it’s headed our way in late July. While that may seem like an impossibly long time to wait, the passion that they have for the song and the excitement they’ve shared on social media is definitely holding us over.

Another thing holding fans over, and making fans of Louis extremely happy is Bebe’s recent interview where she talks about working with Louis and how incredible of a person he is.

She is excited as she sits down for the interview and you can tell it’s a song that she can’t wait for fans to hear. After she heard it the first time she said she couldn’t stop thinking about it. She also says that Louis is incredibly humble, awesome, sweet, and down to earth.

Those things might sound a bit familiar, as they’re close to what Steve said about Louis after they met as well. It’s clear that Louis charms everyone he meets, but more importantly than that, he wows them with his heart, his spirit, and his talent.

We’re proud of Louis, proud to be massive fans of his, and we can’t wait to hear ‘Back To You’ soon.

Written by Ashley

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