Behind The Scenes With Upcoming Beauty Blogger Ryley Isaac

Ryley Issac, who was born with a port-wine stain birthmark covering almost the entire right side of her face, has built up a huge following online since starting in 2018 thanks to her positive attitude, confidence-building make-up tutorials and entertaining beauty hacks. 

At one stage the 18 year old from England was even accused of faking her own birthmark for attention online. 

Ryley now primarily posts content onto her Instagram account (@ryleyisaac) where she has hundreds of thousands of followers, she is also part of talent collective PLUGGED Agency. The beauty blogger is committed to normalising birth marks and similar unique differences and says she doesn’t let nasty comments get her down, she simply now wants to help people with similar conditions

Below we caught up with Ryley to get to know her a little better. 

Ryley what is your definition of beauty?

“That’s a good question, I would define beauty as someone who loves themselves and embraces their natural self however they want/feel in a way that makes them happy! I believe there are no typical standards in the world of beauty, everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, no matter what anyone says”.

What is a typical day like for you as a beauty influencer?

“I feel like there’s never a set day for any beauty influencer, but for me in a day there’s a lot going on, from filming makeup looks to then editing a video, then make TikTok’s or Reels (which have both become my new obsession). Talking & responding to everyone is a massive part of what I do, I’ll always take time out of my day to interact with my supporters as I wouldn’t be where I am without them! After all the days work is done I always make time to chill with my family or see my boyfriend as a work/life balance to me is crucial. In all honesty as well, my days can get quite chaotic as I’m not the most organised person” 

What advice do you have for makeup novices?

One piece of crucial advice I always tell people is, no matter how big or small you are as a creator, never give up! Don’t be embarrassed if your content isn’t getting many views or high engagement at the very start. If you stay consistent and keep posting great content, your platform will grow, it may take weeks, it may take years but good content always wins. Collaboration is also great and can work very well, creating with other creators of a similar size can help your content be shared to new audiences. 

What is your favorite makeup look you’ve made up until now?

My favorite look would probably be this one on Instagram, it’s my favourite because I covered my birthmark with crystals and gems, I think it looks super pretty and sparkly. I like tying my birthmark into my makeup looks. 

When did you realise your birthmark was part of you and you felt comfortable with it moving forward in life? 

I definitely felt more comfortable in myself once I started posting more and more pictures with my birthmark left uncovered online. I saw so much positivity and the compliments that came with it were amazing, and for once I could finally say “I am beautiful in my own way”. I realised at that point I was helping lots of people on a mass scale, who were in similar positions as I was and I decided to continue posting to inspire others. 

Out of these 3 which do you prefer? Skincare, Makeup or Hair Care?

I love creating content for all 3 actually, but I think because of the joy makeup has brought me growing up it has to be the makeup. I love experimenting with new looks.

Written by CelebMix