The Being Me Campaign Strives to Prove that It’s Okay to be You

In October of 2015, a campaign was formed that aims to inspire everyone to not only embrace who they are but to be proud of what makes them different.  This campaign is called the Being Me Campaign and it’s truly an inspirational project.

“We want to create an open, educated & accepting society, who embrace and celebrate their differences, as well as accepting and celebrating others for who they are. We want everyone to know “It’s ok to be you!”

The foundation started with a simple facebook message after months of knowing both Kieran and Tracy wanted to be part of something bigger than themselves, and by December they had an official campaign logo and two incredible YouTubers as ambassadors, Trent Owens and Luke Shayler.  Most recently, Jodie Marsh has joined in to be an ambassador as well.

Trent and Luke are the biggest UK LGBT couple on YouTube and their story is one of love and acceptance.  The pair states that in learning that they’d never be perfect they found a way to grow as individuals, even when challenges and hardships came about. Their message is simple, be true to yourself and know that you’re never alone.

Jodie says the Being Me Campaign was the first charity she’s worked with that was a true charity (meaning that it’s not run as a business to make money), they’re just a dedicated group who want to make the world a better place.  Jodie, a Television Presenter and Model, was told to change her looks so people would take her seriously and was made to feel like less of a person because she liked her own personal style, down to her bright red hair.  Jodie hopes that her involvement with the Being Me Campaign will encourage others to be confident too.

The Being Me Campaign’s first official photo shoot took place in January of 2016 with 30 people sharing their stories and embracing their differences and from there, things took off in a big way.  On June 13th, the Being Me Campaign became an official charity with the charity commission and on June 18th their brand new campaign launched and this time, there were over 100 people who bravely stood up and said I am me, I am proud, and I am free.

Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is simply being yourself.  There are so many ‘rules’ of society that try to box people into similar molds; women are taught that being beautiful is being thin, men are taught that being a man means being masculine and showing no femininity.  People are told their love must not be the same love, they’re taught that it’s wrong for a man to love another man, and a woman to love another woman.  Bisexuals are told they’re simply ‘going through a phase’ and one day they’ll ‘grow out of it’.

People still look down upon those with too many tattoos and bodies adorned with piercings.  Some are judged harshly for being men who love drag, for being born in a body where their biological sex doesn’t match their gender. Those with disabilities are treated as if they’re not welcome in society and the same applies to those who look or think untraditionally. Sometimes, even the color of your skin or the religion that you practice can make you a social outcast.

Unfortunately, these are things many of us know to be true; it’s not rare to see young people struggling with self-image, self-love, and a sense of self-worth, but the Being Me Campaign is trying desperately to change that; they want you to love not only the people around you, but to love yourselves too.

Too often, people who feel discouraged take matters into their own hands and bright, beautiful, unique lights in this world are lost because of bullying, loneliness, and a lack of compassion. We can, and should, be the generation that stops that.

Through the Being Me Campaign, everyone can find a story similar to their own, stories of struggle and some darkness, but stories that encourage, inspire, and prove that it is okay to be you.  Upon finding the strength and the power in loving yourself that love will shine through and soon enough, you’ll be encouraging to someone else to embrace the things that make them different, too.

Please follow the Being Me Campaign via their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and their Website – you can submit your own stories and maybe find yourselves in the stories of others too.

With a little more love the world will have a little more light.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.