Believe in Magic Founder Needs Your Help #MegsTurnForMagic

Believe in Magic, a charity that the lads of One Direction have worked closely with over the years, was an initiative started by a young girl who knew what fighting for your life was like and aimed to make that easier on others. Meg, who founded the charity at 16 is now 21 and in the middle of one of her hardest battles; and she needs our help.


Meg has been living with a brain tumor since childhood and upon realizing her treatment options in the UK were limited, set off with her mom to the USA via ship to find more options and look for more hope.  Upon her arrival in the US, Meg’s health began to deteriorate quickly and in the past few weeks she’s come close to losing her life on a number of occasions.

Right now, Meg and her mom are desperate to get home but because healthcare in the US is so expensive; they’ve run out of the funds to make that possible and it’s taking a toll on Meg both mentally and physically.  During this part of her battle, Meg needs all the strength she can get and that includes emotional strength too, and for her right now, that means being in a familiar place with the people she loves.


Meg has dedicated her life to helping others, and in a situation where she’s the one who needs help now, there are so many hearts willing to try to make it possible.

Louis, Harry, Niall, and Liam have all worked with Meg and the Believe in Magic charity but you may remember, most recently, Louis and his mom Jay put on an incredible Cinderella Ball for the children Believe in Magic helps and for one day, the kids got to forget their pain and circumstance and make memories, alongside their families, that will last a lifetime.

The lives made better and the spirits made brighter by Believe in Magic have all been touched by Meg’s heart and compassion, so even if you can’t make a donation; please use your social media to spread the word and make others aware of how important it is to help, and fast.


A GoFundMe account has been set up to raise the money to get Meg home and it’s beginning to spread across Twitter and Facebook. Please donate to help get Meg back to the place where she feels comfortable and can rest up and regain strength, and if you can’t, don’t hesitate to share her funding page with any and everyone.

Thanks Meg, for all you’ve done for so many people, now it’s your turn for magic.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.