Ben Haenow fans unite for special ‘All Yours’ video 2

Ben Haenow fans unite for special ‘All Yours’ video

By teaming up with Ben Haenow’s loyal supporters, Sony Music Africa have released a very special ‘All Yours’ fan video. It’s sure to have you singing along in no time!

Back in April, Ben encouraged fans to share videos of themselves rocking out to his song ‘All Yours’ and many of them did just that. Now, the final project is online.

In the video, Ben’s supporters show their love by singing the soulful track’s lyrics. The clips were edited together by @SpamForBen (one of Ben’s most comprehensive fan pages) and the end result was recently published by Sony Music Africa.

Whether it’s singing along in their bedrooms or singing along at live shows, Ben Haenow’s fans are certainly dedicated. Their ongoing devotion and Ben’s undeniable talent helped the X Factor winner achieve a gold certification for his debut album.

The love definitely goes both ways too as Ben clearly appreciates all of the support. We spoke to Ben earlier this year and he left a message for all of his fans. He said: “You guys are absolutely unbelievable. None of this is possible without you. They’re why I carry on doing this and have the ability to carry on doing it. So thank you so much to everybody.

You can hear our exclusive interview with Ben here. As well as discussing life on the road, Ben spoke about: international success, working with Kelly Clarkson and much more.

‘All Yours’ is currently available here on iTunes. The song enjoyed huge levels of airplay in South Africa and it features as the third track on Ben’s self-titled debut album.

Last week, Ben Haenow announced that he’ll once again be touring the UK next year. The Croydon-born singer-songwriter will be playing fifteen shows in March and you can see where he’ll be performing here. Make sure you grab tickets while you still can.

Which is your favourite Ben Haenow song? Will you be seeing him perform live at one of his tour dates next year? Let us know over on Twitter @CelebMix!

Written by Mark Willis

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