Ben J. Pierce (Finally!) Gets Verified on Twitter

17-year-old YouTuber Ben J. Pierce, better known to some as “KidPOV”, has finally been verified on Twitter – and boy, is it long-deserved.

The self-proclaimed “Passionate Eyebrow Activist” first heard the good news while on the airplane. Humorously tweeting that he’d made a pact with the baby seated next to him on the flight that neither of them will cry, Ben probably didn’t expect any kind of emotional result. But as luck will have it, not two minutes after sending out the tweet, the unexpected happened:

@verified, the account that organizes verified Twitter accounts and notifies such users, followed him.

Fans immediately expressed their approval and mutual happiness by flooding the Texas-raised teen with kind tweets. Some of Ben’s YouTube friends also expressed their delight, such as YouTuber/vlogger Evan Edinger, who merely welcomed Ben into the “verification family”.

For the lovely Ben J. Pierce, this is certainly a landmark in his YouTube career. Now, true, he doesn’t need a little blue and white checkmark to tell him his self-worth; he’s a great role model to fans with or without it. Here, the verification checkmark is serves as a reminder that Ben is headed in the right direction – that he’s producing creative content and continuing to get better and better at his work. It’s just one of many accomplishments to come – a checkpoint, if you will.

He surely has come a long way from that 13-year-old kid posting his very first YouTube video (a group cover of “Call Me Maybe”). A big congratulations on your Twitter verification, Ben!

Written by Celine Low

Based in TX. Passionate about music, film, photography, & journalism.