Best Chimera Pack Moments

Season Six of Teen Wolf is just around the corner so we thought that we would make up a list of the best moments from the misunderstood pack from season five, the Chimera Pack!

First of all, let’s recap on who the Chimera Pack were!

The Chimera Pack were Theo’s pack in series 5B. They were all experimented on by the Dread Doctors and all had different abilities. There were five Chimeras; Josh, Corey, Tracy, Hayden and of course, Theo.


Josh first appeared in episode six of series five, Required Reading, but he died when Theo slashed his throat on the hospital roof. Theo then resurrects him in episode ten, Status Asthmaticus. Josh has the ability to absorb electricity and sense how much electricity there is in a room. But, Josh sadly died in episode nineteen, The Beast Of Beacon Hills, when Theo took his power and his life.

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Corey first appeared in episode four of series five, Condition Terminal, but he dies in episode nine, Lies of Omission, when a Dread Doctors stabs him. Corey then gets resurrected with the rest of the pack in episode ten, Status Asthmaticus. Corey has the ability to turn invisible as well as healing like the rest of the pack. Near the end of series five, Corey changes to Scott’s pack when he falls in love with Mason and knows he needs help.

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Tracy first appeared in episode two of series five, Parasomnia, but dies at the end of the episode. Theo then resurrects her with the others in Status Asthmaticus. Tracy has the power to paralyse her victims with Kanima venom. Tracy becomes a love interest for Theo and they finally kiss outside the operating theatre until Theo also kills her for her power in Apotheosis.

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Hayden also first appears in episode two of series five, Parasomnia. We soon learn that her and Liam are actually enemies but they soon fall in love with each other. Hayden dies and gets resurrected by Theo in Status Asthmaticus. It is easy to tell from early on in 5B that Hayden knows she isn’t part of the right pack and spends more time with Scott’s pack. As she is dating Liam, she feels like she needs to help them out. In episode twenty, Apotheosis, Scott gives her the bite and turns her into his beta.

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Theo, the leader of the pack, first turns up in episode one of series five, Creatures of the Night. Theo’s original intention is to help Scott but it then turns out he’s helping the Dread Doctors. The Dread Doctors first started manipulating Theo when he was nine. They got him to kill his sister and didn’t stop manipulating him. In episode twenty, Apotheosis, we see Theo try to steal the Beast’s power. Instead, he fails at that and his dead sister comes back and drags him down to hell.

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Five of the Chimera Pack’s best moments

When Theo resurrects all the Chimeras.

At the end of 5A, we see Theo go and resurrect all of the Chimeras. This is the best Chimera pack moment because it’s when the pack began.

Episode it happens: Series five, episode ten, Status Asthmaticus.

When the pack walk into Eichen House outfit coordinated.

At the end of episode eleven, The Last Chimera, we see the pack storm into Eichen House. The pack want Lydia to get her out. In this moment we see that the pack managed to coordinate their outfits so they look pretty matching.

Episode it happens: Series five, episode eleven, The Last Chimera

“He’s got fangs”

Theo decides that his pack might be ready to fight Scott’s pack. So, in the tunnels, Theo sets them up to fight against them. But, when they manage to overturn them, Theo decides that maybe they’re not ready to fight an alpha. And, Corey delivers one of the best lines of the series. “He’s got fangs.” Which, is his excuse as to why he couldn’t take on Scott.

Episode it happens: Series five, episode twelve, Damnatio Memoriae

“I’m not putting that thing on”

Theo manages to obtain a Dread Doctors’ mask from Eichen House. Him, Tracy and Josh are standing around the operating theatre and Theo tries to get Josh to try on the mask. As the Dread Doctors work with electronic frequencies and Josh can absorb electricity. But, Josh refuses so brings out his sassy side against Theo.

Episode it happens: Series five, episode nineteen, The Beast of Beacon Hills

Josh and Corey saving each other.

In episode sixteen, Lie Ability, the Chimera Pack and Scott’s pack are trying to save Lydia from Eichen House. Although, when the Chimeras are trying to get past Parrish, Corey gets badly burnt. Josh then takes him to Malia and Kira to save his life. He then has to help save Kira so Malia can take Corey’s pain away to start healing.

Episode it happens: Series five, episode sixteen, Lie Ability.

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