LGBTQ+ awareness: Best coming out videos

Over the years, Youtube has become a major platform for people to share their coming out experiences with the internet. From huge Youtubers to people just like us, there certainly is not a lack of videos available which aim to inspire and encourage others to build up the courage and not be ashamed of who they are.

When reading through the comments of each of these videos, there certainly is not a lack of others who say that watching it gave them the encouragement they needed to come out to their friends and family.

1. Troye Sivan

Back on August 7th 2013, a young Troye Sivan celebrated the anniversary of when he came out to his parents by sharing his secret with the internet. His touching video explains the details of how he knew that he was gay and how he came out to those he cares apart. He stated that at age fourteen he watched every coming out video he could possibly find and then four years later, he created his own. Troye put an email in the description for people to get in touch with him if they needed help and also resources for young LGBTQ+ teens. You can watch a Part 2 to Troye’s coming out story by clicking here.

2. Ingrid Nilsen

We would suggest grabbing tissues before watching this one, it certainly is a tear jerker! Ingrid Nilsen aka missglamorazzi, a Youtube beauty guru, came out in 2015 and her highly emotional video goes through the touching story of how she learned to accept who she truly is. Since the video was posted, her confidence and pride in her true self has grown and we couldn’t be more proud! You can watch a part two to this video by clicking here.

3. Connor Franta

We recommend that you keep the tissues on hand because Connor Franta’s coming out video is often regarded as one of the most emotional ones out there. Connor goes into detail about how difficult he found it to accept his sexuality. However — after twenty-two years of his life he can finally say that he is proud of who he is and that he no longer feels a need to censor himself on the internet. He posted a follow-up to his original video a year later and you can watch that video by clicking here.

4. George Shelley

Former Union J star, George Shelley posted a video in February 2016 regarding his attraction to both men and but urged people not to give him a label. It may not be an emotional clip, but the short confession should remind the general public that sexuality isn’t a big deal and it doesn’t change who he is. With that positive message, we salute you, George!

5. AmandasChronicals

AmandasChronicals coming out story is truly heartbreaking. She describes the resentment she received from her parents and also the overwhelming support that she gained from her grandparents. If you haven’t heard her story yet, it is one we certainly recommend.

6. Tom Daley

Olympic diving superstar, Tom Daley, came out because he wanted to be the one to tell the world and not the tabloids. By doing so, he became one of the very few members of the sporting community to come out but he is yet another star who encourages others not to feel pressured to put a label on their sexuality and we couldn’t be prouder of the message that he is professing!

7. Rhodes Bros

This one is certainly hard to watch without tearing up a little but we can’t help but admire the bravery of these two brothers who shared the live experience of them coming out to their father with the internet. This is a truly touching and heartwarming story that everyone should take the time to watch.

8. Joey Graceffa

Okay, so this one is a little different from the rest. This isn’t exactly a coming out video, but, two days before posting his ‘Yes, I’m Gay‘ video, Joey Graceffa posted this music video involving a relationship between himself and another male. At the end of the music video, he states how special it is to him and how he wants it to help other people who have been struggling with the same things that he did.

9. Dodie Clark

We think it would be pretty important to mention that those who identify with other sexualities. Dodie Clark is one of those who has come out as bisexual. Her video focuses on the idea of ‘labels’ and how, in the past, she didn’t put a label on her sexuality. She also addresses the stigma that surrounds bisexuality and has created a video that is aimed to help those who struggle with labelling their sexuality due to the thoughts of others. You can see her original video regarding her sexuality here.

10. Evan Edinger

Finally, we are going to recommend a video regarding a sexuality that not as many people are familiar with. In 2015, Evan Edinger described himself as being on the asexual spectrum, leaning towards demisexual. This is when people do not develop a sexual attraction to another until a deep, personal connection has been formed between them. This is important to help those broaden their knowledge to the sexualities that aren’t mentioned in the widely used ‘LGBTQ’ abbreviation and come within the ‘+’ bracket.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with those who were affected by the tragedy in Orlando earlier this month. We here at CelebMix stand with the LGBTQ+ community always and forever.

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Written by CelebMix