Best Kilt for Men To Buy This Summer

If you are looking forward to wearing a Men’s kilt for the next occasion in this hot weather, then you are at the right place because in this article you are going to get complete guidance for rocking the kilt look even when it’s crazy hot. Here I am going to tell you all the hacks that will help you stand out with your kilt no matter how the weather is. 

Most men might avoid wearing a kilt in summers as its fabric is a bit heavy which makes it unsuitable and unbearable in a hot climate, but not anymore as I’m going to tell you everything that you need to know before getting yourself a kilt to wear in summers. Which fabric to choose, which color, and which kind of a top you should wear with a kilt in hot weather to look hot while feeling all comfortable and cool. 

What is the preferable kilt fabric for summers? 

The most preferable fabric to get your kilt to wear during hot summer days is Cotton. Cotton kilts for men help to keep you cool during the hot summer days whether you work indoors or outdoors and are even suitable to wear in formal events during summers. Cotton kilts are one of the best garments for summer as They do not stick to your skin making you feel irritated and sweaty from the exposure to the hot can make you feel cooled down and comfortable. As a result, you feel happy and more at ease with the cotton Kilt as it’s delicate, breathable, durable, and most importantly, ideal for hot days. It is a material that can suit almost every possible design, shape, and fit. And if you are looking at the maintenance bit, there is nothing as easy as cotton. 

Type of kilts that can be worn in summers 

1- Utility kilts 

Utility Kilt is a perfect dress to wear on a hot and sunny day. Their unique design and structure make them perfect to have, no matter if you have got a field job or an office job. They help you stay cool and comfortable. It not only protects you from the scorching sun but also provides you with a level of comfort that you won’t find in normal pants and traditional woolen kilts. It can even be worn in events complemented with an appropriate shirt, jacket, and accessories. The reason why they are so light and comfortable is that they are made from cotton material, which is why they are very lightweight and cozy as I’ve mentioned above compared to the traditional ones that are made from wool material. A utility kilt is even perfect for your workplace being super comfortable and durable. 

Why should you buy yourself a utility kilt this summer? 

  • Keeps you cool 

Being made with cotton, it keeps you cool even in sweltering summer heat allowing you to get done with your everyday jobs without getting all drenched in sweat unlike a traditional woolen kilt or normal pants that grasp your legs in it limiting breathability and comfortability 

  • Better freedom of movement 

If you are at a job that requires a lot of movement, then it becomes quite difficult to move in the regular pants even if they are loose enough. When you can’t move freely, how you would be able to perform your job. In this situation, utility kilts also called work kilts come for the rescue. They not only provide you with comfort but also give you the freedom to move easily. These kilts come in handy, especially when you need to do tough jobs. You don’t feel trapped and can perform your job easily and efficiently. You can consider wearing a utility kilt to give yourself a greater range of motion than those pr restrictive trousers. Pants or trousers usually cling to your form prohibiting necessary movement. This is especially true if you work at a position that requires manual Labour and you need to move around to get the work done. 

  • Durability  

Another great advantage of having a utility kilt is its very strong durability. The utility kilt is the most durable type of kilt available out there. You can wear them wherever you like and you don’t have to worry about getting them ripped or torn apart. It is also a primary reason why many people prefer Utility Kilts over any other type of kilts especially in summers of course 

Styling a utility kilt in summers 

You can wear a T-shirt, polo shirt or Jacobite Shirt With a utility kilt, you can wear footwear like Oxford Shoes with Kilt Hose. Utility kilt gives you a stylish look and can be worn casually or even at formal gatherings with different Accessories that help you to make your wardrobe look more attractive while maintaining comfort. You may wear a warm color Tie with a Jacket Kilt Pins Belts and buckles can be worn but most utility kilts can be worn simply. 

With sporran or without sporran? 

Utility Kilt for Men already provides you plenty of pockets to carry your important things. It is your personal choice whether you want to carry a sporran or not. There are loops and D-rings available to carry a sporran with your utility kilt though. 


Naturally, all we want and need in summers is to feel cool and comfortable in whatever we wear and for this purpose, kilts can be a very good option as it doesn’t cling to the skin and hence breathable and breezy but of course, not all kilts you can wear in summer as traditionally it is made of wool which is not a summer-friendly material, is it? But now you know the best kilt type and material to wear this summer to which is breathable, comfortable, and simply has all the qualities that you need in your summer outfit to rock in your everyday routine and even to formal events without being irritated or feeling the discomfort. Have you ever come across such an outfit? Well try this one, this will surely help you in bearing the heat.

Written by Monella