Best Makeup for Men Tips As Seen On Male Celebrities

Something has to keep Jared Leto and Channing Tatum from turning viewers into stone every time they step onto a red carpet. That something would be blush powder, eyeliner, and maybe some BB cream.

You’ve probably already heard of something called makeup for men trending on your newsfeed. Also known as men’s beauty, male makeup is the latest craze that’s blowing up in the grooming industry. From guyliner to manscara, online men’s makeup stores, like Differio, are reinventing timeless makeup products so that they specifically cater to men. Aside from terminology, there’s actually a reason makeup for men should be treated differently than women’s cosmetics. It’s not just about tacking on the word “men” to a product. If you’re a guy that’s sceptical about the masculine makeup hype, here’s why you should invest in makeup that’s not only for male celebrities, but actually created for all men.

Certain mens makeup products are specifically designed for masculine features.

Obviously, men and women have certain features that they want to enhance that are the same, like eyelashes, cheeks and lips. Likewise, there are specific men’s cosmetics that you won’t find in women’s beauty aisles for obvious reasons, like beard corrector pencils and semi-permanent beard markers. Usually, you’ll find eyebrow pencils and brow styling gel that can also be used as beard fillers. Some men’s makeup retailers are also simplifying application by producing more multipurpose products, like 2-in-1 face and lip crayons (exclusively sold on

There are different techniques for applying masculine makeup for men.

Just as women try to enhance their feminine features, there are different methods for making a man’s face more masculine. It really depends on what mens makeup look you’re trying to achieve, like a natural, everyday look versus a bold, going-out look. When you’re applying lipstick for men, sometimes makeup pros will suggest spotting it on for a naturally rosy tint rather than going heavy-handed on the lips like lip balm. Face contouring can be especially distinctive because some men prefer defining their jawlines, as opposed to defined cheekbones that women prefer to highlight.

The packaging usually looks manlier.

Most men’s makeup products are designed to “complement a man’s lifestyle.” In other words, some guys just don’t want to be seen carrying a bright pink mascara wand in their gym bags. Apart from the overall look of packaging, items in makeup for men are designed to simplify a man’s morning routine, like multipurpose sticks (as mentioned previously). Moreover, some makeup tools are designed more compact in size just for the fact that a lot of men don’t carry around oversized handbags like women. It makes it that much easier to throw a mini eyelash curler or skinny lipstick applicator into your cargo pocket.

Sometimes, the formula smells different.

If you’re sensitive to smell, it’s best to stick with makeup for men. This really only applies for liquid-based skin products and lip cosmetics, like foundation for men, tinted moisturizer for men and lipstick for men. Most makeup is generally fragrance-free, but there are certain women’s brands that’ll overload even an eyeshadow palette with fruity or sweet scents. Sometimes, you’ll even come across an entire limited-edition makeup collection that’s based entirely around fragrance. Unless you want to smell like a Georgia peach, most makeup for men will avoid heavily scented products.

Written by CelebMix