The Best Movies To Feature Roulette

Roulette is one of the all-time classic casino games, an iconic feature of casinos online and on land. It is one of the archetypal games you think of when you imagine a casino, and probably one of the most famous of all, thanks to its countless depictions on TV and film.

Roulette is big on excitement, and the ball spinning around the wheel creates a drama and a tension that you simply don’t get from other casino games. As players watch the ball and wheel slow to a conclusion, you can palpably feel the edge in the room – knowing that wherever the ball lands, some will win big, while others will certainly lose.

With such highs and lows built into the DNA of the game, it’s hardly too much of a surprise that roulette gets a run out in movies from time to time. According to a PartyCasino spokesman, it is a popular choice amongst casino players, with casino providers supplying both high and low stakes games to satisfy their gamble. It, therefore, provides filmmakers with the perfect blend of tension and excitement, as well as providing for interesting visual and narrative effects. But of all the movies that have successfully used roulette in part or throughout their films, which are the all-time best?

Diamonds Are Forever

Arguably the first thing you think about when you imagine an on-screen representation of gambling is James Bond. We’ve become used to seeing Bond at ease in a casino setting, often gambling for high stakes on baccarat, roulette, or even, more recently, Texas Hold’em. But as on-screen roulette goes, you’d be hard pushed to find a better shout than 1971 classic Diamonds Are Forever.

Bond arrives at a Las Vegas casino with the usual swagger and sophistication, as part of his battle to track down evil diamond smugglers. Does he win big? What do you think. The man’s got the lucky touch, it would seem, walking away from the roulette wheel very much quids in. Interestingly, Bond is also seen playing roulette in a number of other of the films and novels, including Moonraker, Casino Royale and Dr. No.


Regularly voted one of the most romantic films of all-time, it would only be fitting to see Casablanca represented here, with roulette at the core of one of its most important plot lines. The roulette wheel at Humphrey Bogart’s cafe seems to frequently land on number 22 – namely because it’s rigged. Taking pity on a poor gambler on a losing streak, Bogart encourages him to back number 22 with all his money. Sure enough, the number comes up, and the gambler goes on to take his life in a whole new direction.

As classic film depictions of roulette go, it would be harder to get something more quintessential than Casablanca. First released in 1942, it’s a film that has more than stood the test of time. It’s the good news story of the gambler finally striking it lucky at the roulette wheel, when he needs it most, that earns Casablanca its place on our list.


Croupier is an interesting one, in that it’s a film that never gets the credit it deserves. As the name suggests, the film very much features roulette, being as that it’s set in a casino. An unsuccessful writer finds employment at a casino as croupier, and quickly begins to get deeper and deeper into the gambling underworld. As the main character gets further involved, he becomes embroiled in an elaborate plot that, if successful, could scam the casino out of millions.

Naturally, much of the action is tied up in what happens next, and without writhing to give any spoilers, it makes for a compelling watch. For any gambling or roulette fan, this 1998 classic is one of our top recommended roulette films you might want to check out.
Roulette is a natural choice for the big screen in any casino setting. It’s a game that is simple to understand, and recognisable at a glance, so there’s no need for on-screen exposition. When the audience sees the protagonist stack up their chips, or risk it all on a red or black, they instinctively understand what’s going on – and cotton on to the same tension and edginess as the characters on-screen.

In Conclusion

While our list covers some of the greatest gambling films of all time, and certainly the best films ever to feature roulette, it’s unlikely to last for long unchallenged. With roulette such a common feature of films across different genres, it won’t be too long before there’s another contender, challenging for a place on this best-of list.

Written by digidog sigi