Best Recent Opening Credits from TV Series

Series have become more popular in the recent few years. One of the arduous tasks of making a series is to have engaging opening credits. Since the same opening credits will be played for at least the entire season, in most cases, it must be boring and usual. Also, trying to have an impact on the viewers right from the opening credits is one of the tricks even which the creators have tried to accomplish.

So, one of the top bingo sites has taken the chance to choose the best recent opening credits from TV shows of the modern era. We nominated a large list of choices produced over the time.


Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones is one of the epic series and it has secured the place in the list of the top series of all time. For a series of this importance, it is crucial to have an opening sequence of equal greatness. The opening credits were made by Elastic who were asked to generate a visual bridge that should help the audience the position of the current episode in the whole story. This lead to the graphical map and the view of the camera moving splendidly. The opening credits have also won prestigious awards.




Westworld is the series which created a lot of buzzes and gained a lot of appreciation from critics. It has a peculiar storyline involving humanoid robots, consciousness, self-awareness and so on. Unlike many series, the opening credits of Westworld series does not comprise any scenes or shots from the series. It has a series of shots deciphering the process of creation of the robots. This innovative idea is from Elastic once again. The music is amazingly composed and is weaved incredibly with the visuals.


Stranger Things


Stranger Things makes use of the minimalist concept and craters a big influence in the minds of its viewers. It has the style of the 80’s to match with the storyline of the series. Interesting, the font is inspired by the ones which come printed on the cover of Stephen King’s

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Mad Men


Mad Men’s opening theme is probably one of the stylish one of all. It involves classic themes of men in their tailored suits. It also involves some thrilling scenes of a completely silhouetted man figure in suits falling out of a tall building. After surviving the impact, the mysterious figure smokes a cigarette triggering a sense of mystery.


American Gods


Very few opening sequences of the series have captured the intensity and the subject of the series and one of them is American Gods. The feat is pulled off by Elastic which has also created the opening credits for Game of Thrones and Westworld. The series is based on the clash between the old subjects such as religions, myths and the new subject such as technology, money and so on.




Daredevil exists since the time of the comic book times. It is one of the reputed and respected character and therefore a lot of pressure was on the shoulders of the creators in producing an effective opening sequence. The clever use of the colours takes it to a whole new level.


It takes a great level of creativity in creating opening credits which can leave a great impression.

Written by digidog sigi