The best of Sam Smith… so far.

Sam Smith, a naturally able singer, began performing from a very young age. He studied music, taking inspiration from soulful musicians such as Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder, amidst his other studies in St. Mary’s Catholic School. In 2009, Smith recorded two songs but his first real mark on the musical world, came in 2012 when he recorded a dance/electronica song with Disclosure.

Since then, Sam has had many opportunities and successes such as the Grammy he won in 2014 for his album ‘In the Lonely Hour,’ which has a  large amount of beautiful songs.

Here are 5 of the most popular Sam Smith songs.


  1. Stay With Me

With both a Brit Award and the top spot on BBC’s Sound of 2014, ‘Stay With Me’ roots in elements of soul with touches of gospel, expressing the captivation and strength of love. The song makes use of a church organ and a choir to enhance the emotions in the song.  In this ballad, the protagonist begs his one night stand not to leave, the opening line in the lyric being, “Guess it’s true, I’m not good at a one-night stand.” ‘Stay With Me’ has been Smith’s most successful single to date peaking at number one in the UK Singles Chart, being his third chart-topping song.


2. I’m Not The Only One

Written by Smith himself and Jimmy Napes, the song reached number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It expresses the devastation of affairs through its gospel tinged vocals and its video, showing a heartbroken wife’s pain. The song begins with the lyrics, “You and me, we made a vow. For better or for worse,” over a simple piano progression, reminding the audience of the promises in a relationship.

3. Omen

      This song is the third collaboration between Sam Smith and Disclosure after ‘Latch’ and ‘Together’. The slow, club tune, similar in genre to ‘Latch’, is very different to all the ballad solos Smith has produced. The song is easily played on both pop radio channels and dance clubs because of its versatility.


4. Like I Can

The song begins with whispers and strumming while building tension and frustration. The song features an entire band and choir with sweeping sounds in the background, resembling the sound of the sea. The song is beautifully balanced with a black and white, classy video, which pulls the whole song together.

5. Writing’s on The Wall:

Smith’s latest release marks his joining the James Bond  movie vocalists. The song is a classic Sam Smith ballad with resonant piano notes, a powerful orchestra but all the focus kept on Sam’s intense, tremulous voice. The song ends with a short instrumental section and a deep cello rumble that Bond fans have come to accept.


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Written by CelebMix