Best Types of Musicians for Live Entertainment

Musical talent is the top form of live entertainment.  People love to see singers, bands, and other musical talent perform live for them.  Not only do these performances make experiences more memorable, but they also give the guests something that will keep them talking about your event long after it’s finished.

Here are the top types of musicians for the most common events, and which might suit yours!

For Weddings

The ceremony of a wedding is often extremely formal and proper.  Although you get to let go during the reception, most people prefer subdued performances for the ceremony itself.  This can mean that you hire a string quartet or even a solo singer whose voice can make the feeling more ethereal.

For The Reception

A reception is terrific because you get to cut loose after the stress and formality of a wedding.  Seek out musicians who get people into motion.  DJs, cover bands, local bands people know well, and R&B artists are the top requests for these parties.  These skilled performers know how to celebrate!

For Family Reunions

Family reunions are a time of reconnecting with those we love and the life we’ve shared with them.  With these reunions on the rise, many are excitedly hiring musicians who can play the music that reminds them of their shared time. Latin singers can sing the classics to soul and oldies performers who can put heart into a performance: there’s a lot to enjoy.  Find artists who can play songs everyone will want to sing along to.

For Graduations

Graduation parties are some of the most exciting celebrations we’ll find in our lifetime.  They’re the big hurrah that happens between the end of a lot of work: staring down all of the work that lays ahead.  For this, go for musicians who can bring a lot of energy to the party.  Big bands, soloists who suit the graduate’s taste, and artists who can play modern covers are the top choices.

For Birthdays

Birthday parties are some of the most fun you can have, and because of that, you must seek out musicians that match that energy.  Don’t go for solo artists; if you hire a band, they can switch up their performances and stretch it out for longer than a solo performer could.  Consider theming the music with the party, like oldies for a throwback-themed party.

For Work Events

Work events have a different attitude than most parties.  There’s a need to impress and keep the feeling formal while also allowing people to cut loose and have fun.  You can do anything ranging from soul to local bands who understand the setting for most work events.

Holiday PartiesAlthough holiday parties can often be paired up with one or more of the other themes in this list, the music scene is entirely different.  It would be best to find musicians who can suit the holiday for holiday parties while adding a little of their personality.  Christmas parties can be more fun with gospel singers, and new-year parties are made more special with swing bands.

Written by Monella