BETWEEN FRIENDS releases new single “affection”

Dream pop band BETWEEN FRIENDS debuted their third release from their playlist series we just need some time together titled, “affection.”

Along with the new track, they released a brand new video to coincide. Directed and edited by Eppy, band members Savannah and Brandon Hudson along Brennan Benko take you throughout the streets of Los Angeles.

Unbelievably catchy, it’s no wonder they’ve received tremendous support from fellow outlets. We may all be looking for affection in the wrong places but BETWEEN FRIENDS is something we don’t mind loving.

These three alone are single-handedly pushing BETWEEN FRIENDS to be what it is today. They’ve opted for complete control of their new creation without anyone telling them what’s right or wrong. Brandon takes control of writing the melodies to production while Savannah shares her talent by writing a bulk of the lyrics (focused heavily on adolescence, truth, and love.)

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Written by Ashley Bulayo

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