Beyoncé Releases IvyPark Clothing Line

Listen! Musical Queen of the Beyhive, Beyoncé, has released an athletic clothing brand called IvyPark and it looks incredible!

Beyoncé announced through an exclusive and rare interview with ELLE Magazine that she is releasing a sportswear line in various stores across the world. The clothing line is called IvyPark and is due to be launching on 14th April 2016. ELLE Magazine released a series of photos to collectively make one big photo of Beyoncé on their Instagram page, releasing a photo every hour in a Countdown to the big announcement with the final tile captioned ‘It’s coming…’

Beyoncé Releases IvyPark Clothing Line 1

The countdown photos led many fans to believe that Beyoncé was dropping a new album following rumours that surfaced this week saying a tracklist has been leaked of Beyoncé’s new album line-up, however, nothing has been confirmed.

After the series of photos, ELLE’s Instagram page featured a photo of our favourite Grown Woman in an IvyPark leotard.

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A series of photos and a video were later released by ELLE on Instagram and a sneak peak at the May issue magazine cover for ELLE, which will feature Queen Bey and her exclusive interview.


The IvyPark YouTube account released an online ad, which reminds us at CelebMix of the 2013 Life is but a Dream documentary about Beyoncé. The advert is positive, calm and narrated by Beyoncé herself. The advertisement starts off with Beyoncé telling a passionate story of her dad, former Destinys Child manager Matthew Knowles. Beyoncé explains how her father encouraged her to keep fit by taking her running with him on a morning. The way she explains the memory you can feel that this is a really sincere and heartfelt memory Bey has of her dad. The humble hostess of the video talks a lot about her gratitude and appreciation towards her family, especially her parents. She talks about how before a show, or when she needs to breathe and think she would go to Parkwood Park in Houston, Texas the city where she was born which sounds like the park may be the ‘Where is your Park’ advert title inspiration. Blue Ivy makes an appearance when Bey mentions how she visited Parkwood Park before she gave birth to Blue. Blue is having a piggy back ride on her mother’s back during a fitness routine. It melted our hearts and the advert took us on one massive feels trip.

Beyoncé has an ‘I woke up like this’ look going on and she looks absolutely Flawless showcasing her brand new sportswear, she looks like a runway model on a basketball court.

The advert ends by listing retailers that will be selling the clothing line and also encourages viewers to visit the IvyPark webpage and use #IvyPark.

Three retailers have been announced on the YouTube advertisement as official sellers for the IvyPark sportswear items:

Topshop features a loving and supportive body positive message on their webpage

“Ivy Park empowers women through sport – no matter what your sporting ability or body shape.”

The website is spectacular and interactive featuring a click and hold screen which brings up different empowering messages such as: “Where is your park? Run the world!”, “Flawless. Slay. How can we live life if we don’t change? Take all the rules away”, “Do what you want, you don’t have to depend on somebody telling you who you are. Say what you want, trust yourself.” and many more. You also have the ability to change music tracks in the background on the page – is this an insight to music to be featured on Bey’s next album? We can only hope!

We are excited to try on at least one item of clothing out of the 200 pieces due to be released! Out of those 200 pieces there are various leggings, crop tops and shirts available.

Have a look at the YouTube ad release right here!



Will you bey buying from the IvyPark collection? What do you think about the messages of empowerment beyhind the new company? Let us know in the comments below or Tweet us @CelebMix.



Written by CelebMix