Beyoncé’s Publicist Shuts Down Lip Injection Rumours

Beyonce’s publicist has officially denied that the singer has had lip fillers after her Instagram pictures were criticised.

The superstar recently came under fire for her apparent weight gain after unflattering paparazzi photos of her surfaced online.

Online trolls body-shamed Beyoncé calling her “fat” and “obese” despite the fact she is pregnant with twins.

Fans of the multi-awarded singer quickly come to her defence, slamming the bullies.

Now the singer has been criticised again in a recent Instagram post and shamed for how she looks.

Speculation that the singer has had lip fillers started after fans noticed that her lips seemed puffier than usual.

However, this latest criticism was the last straw for Beyoncé’s representative who slammed MediaTakeOut for publishing a particular story.

The article claimed that the 22 Grammy Award winner has had lip injections, comparing her look to Kylie Jenner.

Beyonce’s publicist Yvette Noel-Schure released a statement, furious at those who are “bullying” her.

She says the star’s lips may appear fuller due to fluid retention during her pregnancy.

“What do you know about the effects of pregnancy on a woman’s entire body? Please tell me.”

“Did you know that in addition to weight gain there is often a dramatic change in the blood flow in the system and increased fluid causing swelling?”

“Do you know that often women’s gums get swollen? Do you know that it sometimes affects our speech, our ability to chew intently and a host of other things?” says Noel-Schure’s statement sent to Gossip Cop.

She went on further and says that she had to say something because she was so angry.

“The sacrifice to our faces, our feet and our entire bodies is something we welcome because we bring beautiful humans into the world who will one day combat your hate and negativity.”

“I stood silent during Beyonce’s first pregnancy when you thought it was okay to bully her like the cowards you are, when you accused her of never being pregnant, but I simply cannot this time.”

“You are the saddest individuals and picking on a pregnant lady is tantamount to possessing the coldest, despicable heart.”

“You need to find something else to do with your time and maybe stop by a store that has happiness on sale because you need to buy some.”

Noel-Schure’s words are poignant as this is not the first time Beyoncé has been criticised while being pregnant.

Whilst pregnant with her first child Blue Ivy, rumours circulated that Beyoncé used a surrogate mother and did not actually carry Blue.

However, she recently shut down those claims by posting an emotional video for her husband and daughter which shows her during her first pregnancy.

Beyoncé is often criticised for things she has no control over, especially her looks while she carries TWO babies inside her.

No matter who you are or how famous you are, nobody deserves to be bullied and body-shamed for how they look.

It is especially important to not body shame a woman who is trying to cope with changes to her body as well as bring life into the world.

Support Beyoncé during her pregnancy by standing with her, not against her.

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Written by Laura

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