Beyoncé’s Video for “Hold Up” Drops on Her Birthday

Pour yourself a glass of lemonade because Beyoncé’s video for her song “Hold Up” just came out.

As a celebration of her 35th birthday, Queen Bey decided to release the music video for her fans worldwide on her VEVO account. This comes one week after she won the VMA for “Best Female Video” for the song. The video, along with the entire Lemonade visual album, has been available exclusively on Tidal since April.

We begin with the singer floating in the water. She describes this as channelling Oshun, the Yoruba goddess of water, love and fertility. She then emerges out the water in a beautiful, honey-yellow dress and proceeds to skip around town, smashing what she can with a smile.

Beyoncé's Video for "Hold Up" Drops on Her Birthday 1

The song stands as the moment right after betrayal and lying, but right before the consequences begin. Queen Bey is feeling free, feeling what it’s like to just not care anymore. As she states in the song, she’d “rather be crazy.” In conclusion, she stares into the camera, smirks, and knocks it down before walking away.

The best part of it all… we get to meet Hot Sauce, aka her trusty bat.

But instead of telling you what the video is about, you can watch it right here!

Written by CelebMix