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‘Bikini Body’

This is not a news piece but it needs to be addressed.
So summer is here… Although if you’re in the UK it’s not a good one :(
It’s that time again – toned body, summer glow, the perfect ‘shape’.


You have a body so you can put a bikini on it. You do not need any of those listed above. If you are going to the beach or sunbathing in your garden and want to wear a bikini; buy one and stick it on.

This image that has been created of the ‘perfect bikini body’ needs to go. Those people in magazines are not real, they don’t even look like what the magazine photo looks like.

We need to break free of this stupid stereotype and be proud of what we’ve got. If we were all the same, life would be sooooo boring and who wants that?

If you’re short, (like me… yay to small people!) tall, little, large, black or white be proud of what you have – NOBODY else in the world is like you. You are one of a kind so embrace it.

Whether you’re 18 or 65, work it! If you’ve had 6 children but won’t wear a bikini because you don’t like your stomach… You have created and carried 6 beautiful babies – your stomach is nothing to be ashamed of!

BUT! Remember to exercise and eat healthy because once you feel great on the inside, you’ll feel great on the outside.

Life is too short to hide away when you could be having fun at the beach or at a pool party – most people do not care what you look like in a bikini and even if they do who cares???? You’re the one outside having fun, not holding back and they’re the ones moaning about something that does not affect them in any way.

Do not be ashamed of who you are! I think you’re bloody gorgeous!

We all have our flaws; I used to hate mine but three years ago I went through something and everything changed. I have never been happier with who I am. Realise this before something happens for you to love yourself! We need to break this stereotype and all the others that degrade both women and men and change the way society works because it’s already done too much damage.

If you can believe what is written in magazines then you can believe this.                      Hope you have a great day ??

Written by CelebMix