Movie Review: Age of Summer

Bill Kiely takes on his directorial debut with Age of Summer, out now. The film which is semiautobiographical of Kiely’s own life stars a young cast with actor Percy Hynes White as the forefront character, “Minnesota.” This coming-of-age story follows Minnesota as he goes through beach lifeguard tryouts to dealing with crushes to losing childhood friends. In a span of 1 hour and 30 minutes, we get the feeling of nostalgia from those moments we tried hard to grow up way too soon.

Minnesota is new to the beach town but confides in his best friend, Woods (Jake Ryan). Together, they started summer as if they could conquer anything. In due time, Minnesota figures in order to grow, he needs to let go of things holding him back AKA Woods. Goodbye to the need to abide by all the rules. He’s a rebel now. As a result of that, Minnesota grows closer to the “cooler” kids.

Meanwhile, as Minnesota is figuring that out, he also deals with the disappearance of his bike whom he seeks help from “The Rock God” (Peter Stormare). A bit trippy and clearly not the guy you would want your own kid to hang around, Minnesota receives advice and answers from an unlikely companion. Never finding his bike, he finds it in himself that he doesn’t need his bike to shield him anymore.

Though a bit choppy with tons of montage surf scenes that seemed to go on forever, the story itself was a pleasant watch to wrap up the end of summer. We all had one summer or moment that defined us or is stuck in our head forever. The moment we knew we were no longer just kids. Puberty, feelings, and first kisses were all new to us at one point in time. This movie brings us back to that moment.

Also, it was also nice to see White’s acting range outside of his role as Andy of The Gifted; a lighter character side. ICYMI – We interviewed him about his role in the film.

Check out the trailer forAge of Summer below. Will you be watching?

Written by Ashley Bulayo

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