Billboard Talks One Direction Album Sales and Songs with the Most Longevity

On June 19th, Billboard answered a question posed by a reader that asked about One Direction’s career sales in the U.S. and Billboard also listed their 10 best songs, according to sales and longevity.  Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall may be on a break at the moment, but it seems that their return is being anxiously awaited by many and in the meantime, fans and even some non-fans are taking an opportunity to revisit the band’s catalog of work so far and absorb what makes them a staple in the history of music.

Neilsen Music revealed these numbers about One Direction’s album/song sales in the U.S.

2,095,000, Up All Night (2012)
2,043,000, Take Me Home (2012)
1,552,000, Midnight Memories (2013)
1,064,000, Four (2014)
853,000, Made in the A.M. (2015)
17,000, iTunes Festival: London 2012 EP (2012)

4,888,000, “What Makes You Beautiful”
2,860,000, “Story of My Life”
1,637,000, “One Thing”
1,383,000, “Live While We’re Young”
1,275,000, “Best Song Ever”
1,208,000, “Drag Me Down”
1,138,000, “Little Things”
1,010,000, “Night Changes”
959,000, “Kiss You”
817,000, “Perfect”

The ten songs with the most sales in the U.S come as no surprise, but we couldn’t help but notice that some of their most influential tunes are missing from the list.  Most fans of One Direction have said, for a while now, that the music that has the most emotion and heart doesn’t always make it to radio, and sometimes (most times) the general public misses out on what really makes Liam, Niall, Louis, and Harry stand out as artists.

While ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, ‘Best Song Ever’, and ‘Kiss You’ are absolute bangers and are guaranteed to make you stop whatever you’re doing when you hear them and dance as if you’re front row at one of their concerts, songs like ‘Fireproof’, ‘What A Feeling’ and ‘Moments’ immediately evoke emotions in you that are sometimes hard to explain – you just have to hear the songs to understand.

This got us thinking about our favorite One Direction songs – the ones that make us happy, the ones that touch our hearts, and the ones that have become important parts of the soundtrack to our lives.  From songs about being fireproof and chasing the sun to songs about always coming home and never forgetting where you belong Liam, Louis, Harry, and Niall have created beautiful songs packed full of emotion that come together to form beautiful and vivid memories.

If we are being honest, had we included all of our favorite tunes, the playlist would have gone on much longer than it already has (we tried, really tried, to narrow it down to only ten) but when you’ve got a band as talented as One Direction and their entire music library is staring you in the face – it’s hard to make decisions!

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Written by Ashley

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