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Bingo Players release new single “Be With You”

Newly released this week is Bingo Players’ new song “Be With You”. This vocal-based track is a club anthem that will get anyone dancing.

Adding hard-cutting synths and percussion to form this club song sure to infect your mind.

This funky beat track will easily be stuck in your head for a few days. It’s perfect to dance to in a club, and will definitely have some brilliant remixes to go with it.

“Be With You” is jam-packed with dance beats and summer vibes, along with a strong vocal. The lyric video adds retro to the flavoured track.

Vocals aren’t so strong, and yet the vocalist stuns on the verses all the while the DJ bats out this magic beat behind.

Originally a duo, Bingo Players lost half its team to cancer. Paul Bäumer lost his battle in December 2013, leaving Maarten Hoogstraten to continue as a solo act. Bingo Players continue on, as was Paul Bäumer’s wish, and Maarten Hoogstraten is batting out hit after hit after hit.

It’s been 10 years since Bingo Players were formed and Maarten Hoogstraten has plenty more releases up his sleeve as well as a world tour planned in the next couple of months.

“Be With You” may not be the next chart number one, but we’re sure we’ll be hearing it in a club soon enough.

Bingo Players release new single "Be With You" 1
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