Bingo v Slots – which is better?

Two of the world’s most popular games have evolved gradually across the world for decades. Bingo and slots have become massively popular pastimes and become part of many people’s social lives.

Bingo of course, is a wonderfully simple game played by crossing off numbers on a card. It carries on until you are able to shout ‘bingo’ and claim the jackpot prize.

Slot machines meanwhile have grown incredibly popular over the last century since the first basic metal one-arm bandit boxes were introduced.

And both games have recently faced huge competition from the rise of online gaming. Experts predicted the demise of both these old-school games.

But instead what happened? More and more people have discovered how easy it is to play both bingo and slots at internet casinos.

The rise in the use and availability of portable internet access through devices like smartphones and pads means that these online games are more readily available to players than ever before. And that’s why online bingo and online slots are booming.

That threatened disappearance of the old traditional physical games hasn’t happened. Instead the opposite occurred.

The online boom in digital bingo and slots has helped to fuel an increase in the interest in the classic games. In particular more younger players have been attracted to both games.

That’s why the real-life versions of both bingo and slots have become more popular in proper physical venues. Both games seem to be on the crest of a wave at the moment – whether you play online or off.

But here’s the big crunch question for today’s bingo and slot fans – which of the two iconic games is the best? Forget the format for a moment, whether you are online or offline, which would you rather play?

Let’s have a look at both games a bit closer.

Bingo is the older of the two. Some historians say it even dates back as far as the Italian Renaissance.

The game relies on checking off numbers on a pre-printed card when they are called out in a random way. It’s easy: the first person to tick off all the numbers on their card is the winner.

It’s an incredibly simple formula but has evolved to be almost the perfect game over the centuries. Bingo is so simple to play yes – but you still need to concentrate throughout.

The pay-off is that there’s a palpable thrill as each number is called out. When you get down to the last few numbers the tension is thrilling. 

Finally, the excitement of realising that you have got your final number is surprisingly high. Whatever the jackpot prize on offer, this is one of the great sensations in the world of gaming.

Slots meanwhile have a shorter history. They were originally devised in America as a diverting entertainment for customers waiting to be served.

The game got better and better as the technology improved. The addition of sounds, lights and graphic designs helped lift slots into a classic status. Casinos ended up installing ranks of the machines to entice customers.

Some play slots as a casual passing thrill, maybe on their way to the serious gaming tables, but others settle down for a whole evening. To them the slots ARE the serious gaming option.

Slots has grown to have a similar enduring appeal to bingo. Both games are part of culture ranging from a slot machine in the corner of a pub to a bingo hall in the centre of a town.

Slots are as easy to play as any game in the world. You pull a lever, press a button or click a link to start reels spinning. The symbols on the reels come to rest and display sequences that can either win or not.

Like bingo, there’s a simple thrill waiting to see if you’ve won every time. It’s not hard to play and you don’t need a vast amount of skill – but there’s a guaranteed burst of fun with every spin.

Today you can find online bingo and slots at many of the same sites. Operators recognise they attract similar players and many like to enjoy both games. 

And both games can be made mobile friendly and accessible for quick sessions, anywhere, anytime. Perhaps some players would prefer the simplicity of one slot interface on a smartphone screen – while a multicard bingo game plays better on a bigger screen like a pad or a laptop.

It’s interesting to see how online casino operators have up-dated both games. Both can now be found in thousands of varieties.

The ease of internet design and digital technology means a new game can be designed and packages quickly and cost-effectively.

That means operators are now able to offer slot and bingo games themed around all sorts of alluring topics, like popular TV shows or sports stars

Extra features, special bonus tricks and game ‘decorations’ like soundtracks and video clips can all add to the appeal. But experienced players usually realise that the core of the entertainment is still the basic thrill of the original game – and that’s the tension of waiting for the number to be called or the reels to stop spinning.

Whichever of the two iconic pastimes you decide to play, don’t worry – the other one will always be there available to play later if you fancy a switch. 

Whichever of them you play, don’t forget that you can’t always win – but you will always enjoy the thrill of playing.

Written by Monella