Bishop Nehru shares new track 'MEATHEAD' ft. MF DOOM

Bishop Nehru shares new track ‘Meathead’ ft. MF DOOM

Bishop Nehru has shared his brand new song titled ‘Meathead’ which was produced by and features MF DOOM.

The pair have collaborated before- with Nehru citing MF DOOM has a mentor- on ‘NehruvianDOOM’ which was a full- length they put together back in 2014, and DOOM was also responsible for producing a collection of tracks on Nehru’s 2018 debut solo album, ‘Elevators: Act I & II’.

In and official statement Nehru said:“DOOM just kept telling me to stop overthinking things and that I needed to use my own intuition more. He taught me how to really embody the music and feel it deep inside my stomach.”

The track sees the pair spit bars to the tone of 90’s boom-bap, adding their own creative spin, and smoothing over the proceedings with the powerhouse wordplay that the pair have become known for.

‘Meathead’ is taken from Nehru’s upcoming full- length titled ‘Nehruvia: My Disregarded Thoughts’ and you can watch the animated visual below.

‘Nehruvia: My Disregarded Thoughts’, which is the eighth album from Nehru Bishop, is set for release on May 8th and you can pre- order the album here.

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