Black Eyed Peas’ kick off their Masters Of The Sun Tour in London

Black Eyed Peas have taken it back to their hip hop essence with their latest release Masters Of The Sun. With new music of course comes new shows, and the group this weekend launched their European Tour with two nights at London’s Eventim Apollo.  CelebMix were of course in attendance and bring you all the details from night #1 which took place on Saturday October 27.

Now before every headlining act comes the opening act and the crowd were blessed with not just one but two different artists.  First up was India Love, the reality star turned protege who told the crowd that she was making her performing debut. The 22-year old with great style, had the crowd jamming out to tracks such as ‘Loco and ‘Trouble’ during her 15 minutes set.

Next up on stage to do her thing was Nadia Rose.  The UK rapper best known for her track ‘Skwod’,  brought nothing but good vibes in her enthusiastic performance and warmed up the crowd just nicely.

The group have introduced an augmented reality app for the tour, which concert goers can use during certain parts of the show

At 9PM the lights went down and a voice echoed into the auditorium, urging us to be ready and the trio then jumped out to opening track ‘Back 2 HipHop’. The staging resembled something of a pyramid, where they interchanged between platforms.


That feeling of seeing the trio on stage together after 8 years together, was nothing short of magical What we were witnessing were The Peas in their truest element and they were as evidently as excited as the enthusiastic crowd.

Jessica Reynoso who joined the group on stage was introduced by the guys as the latest member of the family, and is what we would describe as the perfect addition. The vocalist was discovered by on The Voice Philippines who had vowed to make her an international star. In a story not too dissimilar to his own, the Black Eyed Pea brought Jessica over from the Philippines and connected her to the group so she could share her talent with the masses.

The young Filipino is a born performer. From vocals, to moves to charisma, Jessica is a star in her own right and it was a joy to watch her up on stage. The charisma between her and group is undeniable and she really put her own stamp on performances such as ‘Constant’ and ‘Don’t Stop The Party’ and we cannot wait to see where her talent takes her.

The diversity of the audience – from age, to race, sex etc is a testament to the success and longevity that they have achieved through their 20+ year career and during the show there was something for everyone. From old classics ‘My Style’ and ‘Dum Diddly’ to chart hits such ‘Boom Pow’ and of course new music such as ‘Dopeness’.

The atmosphere was electric throughout the night with The Peas interacting with and entertaining the audience during each moment.

The group closed their triumphant set with the tender ‘Big Love’ and that’s exactly what we felt when leaving at the gig. Nothing but love for the performance, for each other and for the music. Long Live Black Eyed Peas.

If you want to experience the tour for yourself, head to and don’t forget to check out the new record Masters Of The Sun.


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