Promotional photo for "Love in the Afternoon" which sees the four-piece band, Blondes, crowded around the camera, looking somewhat down. Will Potter is wearing a hoodie with his dark hair in curtains hairstyle, while the rest of the band are wearing shirts and are slightly back, all with dark hair and different hairstyles, one has shoulder-length hair, one has short curly hair, and the other has a straight simple hair cut.

Blondes return with their new indie-rock euphoric single “Love in the Afternoon”

It’s been over a year, but Blondes do not hold back with their awesome indie-rock single “Love in the Afternoon”. The track captures their iconic euphoric atmosphere whilst also showcasing how their stronger than ever before. This follows up their End Credits Version of their breakthrough single “Coming of Age” in collaboration with Pixey, as well as their 2021 debut EP “Out of the Neighbourhood”.

Blondes are a four-piece indie-rock band consisting of Will Potter (vocals), Alex Davison (guitar), Daniel Shroud (drums), and David Annis (bass). They were formed in 2017, at the University of Nottingham, starting off as a cover band, initially as a five-piece, but line-up changes happen to the best of bands and Blondes are definitely up there, especially since their breakthrough hit, “Coming of Age” has gone viral. Two years after their formation, after bar performances and shows, they created the hit song about chasing dreams, and it really worked for them. They released it in October 2020, where it became an overnight sensation on TikTok and the track has gained 14.4 million Spotify streams, to date, leading the band to sign with Texan label C3 Records. More single releases followed, with the band steadily growing their fanbase after going viral. In doing so, they’ve managed to perform on stages at Reading & Leeds, Lollapalooza Berlin, Dot to Dot, Liverpool Sound City, Live at Leeds, and supporting Stereophonics and Inhaler on tour. With their return to releasing music in 2023 with “Love in the Afternoon”, the band is set to make quite the impact this year.

Written by the band themselves, with Antony Genn acting as producer, “Love in the Afternoon” is indie-rock at its finest with euphoric pop mixed in around honest and authentic lyrics. The band impresses as a whole from start to finish, with awesome guitar chords kicking off the song with riffs flowing in and out throughout as the bass complements Will Potter’s emotional vocals while the drums tie everything together. Blondes showcase their unique and addictive style, managing to merge each of the four elements in the band to create a truly unforgettable song that is full of their enhanced energy with “Love in the Afternoon” set to become your new favourite vibe. The band clearly has a strong bond and all four of them have put their all into this track, and not only does it pay off but the listeners can feel every word, chord, riff, melody, beat, and rhythm. “Love in the Afternoon” is destined to be heard on repeat.

Talking about the track, Blondes said: “This song is one of our absolute favourites, it’s been in the live set since last year and feels so exciting to play. We’ve been out of action for a little while so wanted to punch back in with something lively. Our producer Antony Genn really pushed us to kick this song into the next gear up and we feel really proud of what we’ve made. We’re so excited for everyone to hear it.”

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“Love in the Afternoon”, by Blondes, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via LAB Records.

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