Emma Bunton featured in new Boy Band TV show

“Boy Band” Television Show featuring Emma Bunton As Judge Premieres Tonight

Is there really such thing as too many boybands?  Television network ABC doesn’t think so. Tonight will see the launch of a new reality singing competition called Boy Band, which aims to put together the hottest new all-male group.

While the style in which the band members are picked is nothing new, it’s clear that we’re always up for a competition when finding the next big band in music.  With Rita Ora hosting, Emma Bunton, Nick Carter, and Timbaland will judge the incoming hopefuls.

"Boy Band" Television Show

With shows like “The X Factor,” “American Idol,” and “The Voice,” on other networks, ABC can say they came up with the idea more or less back in 2000 when “Making The Band” aired.  It’s safe to say boybands take us back to a certain time in our lives when we felt carefree.  Cruises with the New Kids On The Block and the Backstreet Boys’ residency are popular with the older generations of boyband loving fans so it’s only fair that a new generation get their turn.

The show will see 30 young men try out in front of the judges, who in this case will be called “architects”. Once narrowed down to 18 hopefuls, they will then be put into boy bands. They will have to sing and dance for the viewers’ vote at the end of the 10-episode series.  The contestants range from 14-year-old Jay “J-Hype” Gilbert to 24-year-old Zack Taylor.

The contestants will be getting coached by three world class artists, Timbaland, Nick Carter and Emma Bunton. Timbaland is an all-round singer-songwriter and producer who has created hits for Missy Elliott, Destiny’s Child, and Snoop Dogg. Nick Carter is in fact a boyband member himself and has over 20 years of experience in one of the top boybands in the world, the Backstreet Boys. Emma Bunton, also known as Baby Spice, is a member of platinum selling English pop girl group, the Spice Girls, now called Spice Girls-GEM, featuring two of the other original members, Geri Halliwell and Mel B.

You can watch some videos and learn more about the contestants on the Boy Band website.  The show will start airing Thursday, June 22 on ABC at 8pm.

Be sure to check out Emma Bunton, Nick Carter, and Timbaland on their journey to find the next boyband and let us know what you think @CelebMix on Twitter!

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