The Brain Tumor Charity and You – How To Get Involved

When you go to The Brain Tumor Charity’s homepage; you’re met with a staggering and sobering set of statistics.  Every day 27 people will be diagnosed with a brain tumor, 5,000 people a year will lose their lives to a brain tumor, and only 2% of funding for cancer research in the UK is spent on brain tumors.

The Brain Tumor Charity is hoping to make big advances to change those statistics between now and 2020 and they’ve highlighted their strategy so that you can find out how they plan to make a difference and how you can get involved.  The motivation behind their strategy is a simple one, and one that would inspire anyone to help: brain tumors are the biggest cancer killers of children and adults under 40.

The charity highlights the importance of their strategy in a way that makes the facts about brain tumors resonate with you.  Brain tumors do not just affect the patient, they change the way of life for their families and friends too.

‘To improve survival rates, we must continue funding more high quality research and translate the results efficiently into new treatments. To transform quality of life, we must better understand the daily impact that brain tumours have, as well as the trauma of diagnosis, and then reduce the harm caused not only to the lives of those living with this disease, but on their carers, families and friends.’

If you want to help; the method is simple…get involved.  This means sharing their site on social media to spread the word and getting out and making a difference.  From everything to taking part in an event to volunteering your time, even if it’s just 10 minutes a week, you can be part of the movement that helps to end brain tumors, and in the mean time, enhance the lives of the people who are affected by them.

You can also donate, if it is within your means, in a number of ways. You can do a one time donation, include The Brain Tumor Charity in your will, and even purchase something from their online store!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.