Branding Expert Sherri Nourse Shares Her Insights on Working with Leading Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 Companies

I?t is no secret that Fortune 100 and 500 companies get attention. They hold a tremendous amount of brand power built up over time through specialists’ expertise and dedication. These companies have access to the most experts who can propel their brand image to audiences around the world. Branding expert Sherri Nourse has worked with more than her fair share of Fortune 100 and 500 companies, and she shares her insights on branding and marketing in the digital age. 

C?EO of Ambition Media and the curator behind @Motivationmafia, Nourse works with Fortune ranked companies, influencers, automotive, travel, and lifestyle brands looking to broaden their reach and maximize their digital footprint returns. “I started my company after landing a WSJ cover for an FDA approved product and found that sales were not skyrocketing,” says Nourse. “That experience proved that everyone is buying and finding out about projects on social media. That is where companies have to focus their PR if they want to succeed.”

Sherri understood that traditional PR strategies were no longer delivering and that companies, including some of the world’s largest, were stepping into a new age unprepared and looking for guidance. “Success is all about a highly curated approach that is unique for your brand,” explains Sherri. “Digital marketing can span a huge audience while being specifically targeted. We have so many more options to work with.” Intimidating, yes, but Nourse built her company around a full-service approach targeting audiences not just where they are but exactly where and when they will purchase.

“Social media has changed the buying journey for everyone, and you have to know exactly how to strike when your audience is ready,” says Nourse. “Now people can look past the traditional advertising and pour through product reviews, user-generated content, influencer marketing, a ton of content, and brands have to ensure that all of this content points them in the right direction. We learned rather quickly that engagement is not only about having your voice heard but also about building enough trust with your audience to steer the conversation.” Nourse believes that a company’s branding is more than just colors, logos, and expensive ad campaigns. It should be a seamless 360-degree experience for the customer that keeps them coming back for more.

W?hile Sherri has worked with some of the biggest names out there, her company lends their experience to organizations of all sizes with a customized and modern approach. “The scale might be different, but most of our needs are the same,” states Nourse. “I think it is important to recognize that social media has changed the landscape in such a way that anyone with the right idea and passion can build an incredible experience for their audience through digital media.” Nourse combines her insights with a commitment to learning more, as marketing efforts evolve quite literally with the click of a button.

Written by CelebMix