Brandon Ivan Pena is bringing 12 Seminars and an Interesting book for all

Introduction of Brandon Ivan Pena

Brandon Ivan Pena is a well-known entrepreneur, business consultant, and business speaker. He is the owner and founder of 787 Coffee Brand of which he has more than 12 shops in New York City. Other than 787 coffee shops, his other projects such as Hacienda Iluminada, BrandOn, etc are part of victory for his career. He is a man of strength, willpower, hard work, and humbleness. His behavior with his client, team, and under workers is showing the world how the wealthy can be down to earth.

Brandon is one of such people who have the motivation of dignity and love behind their hard work and success. In his youth, he realized that there are very few Latin names in the business world and none of them are in the high market. So he made it his purpose to take his people’s name to the top. Today Brandon has earned huge respect among high ups of the industry and got a lot of connections. On the other hand, his zeal for coffee led him to create a coffee brand that is getting acknowledged at a huge level around the world. In short, he achieved his all goals i.e., honorable Latin name on top and his own taste coffee adored by the people.

Brandon Ivan Pena Brands

  • 787 Coffee

Being a coffee lover, Brandon founded 787 Coffee Shop from the ground up. Like all coffee lovers, Brandon likes the coffee of his own taste. For this, he first bought farms in Puerto Rico to grow coffee beans. There he has an expert team who grows and roasts beans accordingly. Brandon himself supervises the whole process. The coffee has a unique taste and savors due to which whoever tastes it one time, never forgets and comes back for more.

  • BrandOn

While running a successful business, Brandon Ivan Pena grew the passion to help youth and newcomers to the industry. This is why he founded another project BrandOn which has now become a huge brand like 787 Coffee. Brandon offers business consultancy through this program. He arranges multiple seminars and conferences to speak and guide others about the business and how they can achieve desired goals.

“I find human connections fascinating. When it comes to consulting and my Motivational conferences it always seemed natural, I love the feeling I get of sharing the things I learn with others. I also love doing it in Spanish, targeting young entrepreneurs in Latin America that speak no or limited English. I want to be there for them, I want to tell them to focus on their objectives and through hard work, discipline, and by following YOUR passion, AMAZING things happen, regardless of skin color”.

Moreover, he has participated in various popular international and national workshops such as Latinos Pa Lante, Design Shanghai, Social Media Week Puerto Rico, SXSM, and C2MTL.   

Brandon Ivan Pena’s Upcoming Projects

Brandon recently shared that he is working on 12 more conferences to launch in 2022. Moreover, he is writing a book which will also be published soon. Words from an experienced talented businessman, what more could we want.

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Written by Monella