Brandon Stansell Releases “Spare Change” Music Video

We’ve already had music videos for “Slow Down” and “Never Know” from the Slow Down EP, so it’s no surprise that Brandon Stansell has released a music video for the third track on the EP. This really showcases him as a country music singer whilst easily promoting his Kickstarter campaign.

The visual for the song was premiered by Huffington Post. Talking about the video, he said: “For me, releasing anything but a response to the atrocious policies of this administration seemed like an opportunity wasted.” He went onto say: “To fight back, we have to continue to have the courage to band together and build community around the things that make life precious: art, beauty, love, and free expression.”

This singer/songwriter penned the track alongside Ben Schoefield; the accompanying Trent Atkinson directed music video, showcases a great and lovable narrative alongside a passionate performance visual.

Watch Brandon Stansell’s Music Video For “Spare Change” Here:

We are obsessed with the story behind this visual. We watch a man and a woman meet on a metro train in Los Angeles. A simple smile can easily make people feel included – a smile always goes a long way. Scenes follow where they talk to each other and walk around the streets together.

Towards the end of the visual, though, the woman stops and stares at five red posters that read “America Is Full Go Home”. The poster alone is an impactful statement that can easily cause offence; yet, the guy starts to tear down the hateful signs to prove that they don’t mean a thing. The opinion of one person isn’t always the opinion of everyone else.

The final scenes see various people shredding the posters in their hands, fully bringing the message of inclusion; and, the very last scene sees the poster rearranged to say “America Is Home”.

As for Brandon Stansell’s performance piece, he proves that he fully loves this song. He’s looking directly at the camera sending the viewers solid energetic emotional vibes. The video is different to his past visuals which have been focused on his sexuality, where he embraces male love interests.

We highly suggest you check out his Kickstarter campaign and back his project because, if his EP is anything to go by, this full-length album is one you’ll have on repeat for the rest of the year.

Brandon Stansell Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Debut Album

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