Bringing X Factor back to the music with Anton

X Factor: Let's bring it back to the music 2

X Factor’s man of the moment Anton Stephans blew everyone away this weekend performing a wonderful and tear-jerking rendition of Luther Van Dross’ ballad ‘Dance With My Father’.   Anton sent social media abuzz after kissing Simon Cowell himself yesterday in celebration of getting through to next week.

Anton has captured the nation’s hearts since his first audition where he stepped out as his warm, friendly self and then raised the roof with his incredible voice.  He has bravely opened up about his difficult past in the hope of inspiring other people in tough situations.  He is proof that it does get better and you can achieve your dreams.

Today, the ugly side of the media raised its head. Vicious posts have popped up attacking Anton, claiming to be truthful because the information had came from a “source close to” him.  We all know that could be just about anyone – including someone looking for a way to unfairly ruin his chances on the show – which is something the public should always bear in mind before passing judgement on artists.

This is a harsh reality artists and people in the public eye have to deal with regularly, like One Direction recently have had to, and while being in the running for the X Factor; people like Anton aren’t exactly in a position to defend themselves.

In fact, he’s a survivor of cancer who’s done tireless work for the cancer charity Momentum, is their ambassador, and has spoken of his joy at visiting a homeless charity shop with other X Factor contestants learning hands-on about the amazing work they do, as well as being a great and talented performer who finally has his big break.

So let’s just bring it back to the music, enjoy the performances of talented people who have fought and worked hard to chase their dreams, and embrace the positivity of people like Anton who want to encourage everyone to live life to the fullest, especially those who have had setbacks in life.

Those criticising Anton should take a leaf out of his book and spread positivity and light themselves instead.

Written by CelebMix