BRIT or No BRIT, Little Mix’s Legacy Will Live On For Generations To Come

The BRIT awards are in a few hours and everyone is anxiously waiting for the award winners and the spectacular performances. But there’s one act that will have people at the edge of their seats, and who is that act?

Well, the greatest U.K. girl group to come out since the Spice Girls – LITTLE MIX!

The Spice Girls are remembered very clearly for their electrifying 1997 performance at the BRITS that received unanimous applause! The screams are literally heard through until the very end.

But we’re positive Little Mix will have a performance JUST as good and perhaps, even better! There’s no telling what may happen, so make sure to stay glued to your seat!

BRIT or No BRIT, Little Mix's Legacy Will Live On For Generations To Come 1

Up for Best British Single and Best British Video, the girl group are pleased and ecstatic just to be nominated in either category. Even the good ol’ mum’s are incredibly proud of the girls and all their achievements so far.

Four years in, and this girl group has been making waves ever since their own debut single came out (‘Wings’). Critically acclaimed for restoring girl power back into mainstream play, Little Mix are what the Spice Girls were to kids and teens back then.

They are role models and prominent leaders in the continuation of Girl Power.

So don’t think Little Mix’s legacy will stop after they close their musical chapter years from now (but Leigh-Anne did say they were gonna stay together forever, so perhaps we won’t have to worry after all) because the girls will be remembered for their musical achievements and their empowering messages to girls and boys around the globe.

Little Mix are an important part of this generation and even if they don’t snatch a BRIT, they’ll continue to conquer the world day by day.

Big kisses from us to you Little Mix and good luck on your performance!

Make the U.K. and the rest of the world, PROUD! (We know you gals will, xoxo)

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Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.