Brooklyn Beckham Photographs New Burberry Fragrance Campaign

It seems that the Beckham family is good at just about everything, and recently it was time for Brooklyn to showcase his talent while pursuing his dream of photography – and what better way to take life by the reigns than to jump in with one of the biggest brands known to man – Burberry.

Brooklyn took to his Instagram account to tell his followers to watch the live event and see him in action shooting the campaign on Instagram and Snapchat.

Brooklyn is said to have a passion for photography, having turned down multiple offers for film careers in Hollywood so that he could focus on his true passion.

David, his father, had this to say about Brooklyn.

“He actually loves photography. That is one of his passions. I have always said to my children, as long as they have a passion for something, we will encourage it.”

We think it’s awesome that the David and Victoria support the dreams of their children so much, and a lot of people were happy to see Brooklyn behind the camera.  Although, no decision made ever goes without opposing viewpoints, and Brooklyn getting such a high profile shoot caused some upset in the industry.

Chris Floyd, a fashion photographer, made a statement saying he understood why Burberry would choose Brooklyn to do the shoot – seeing as he had millions of followers – but that at the end of the day it was a “devaluation of photography”.

We believe, however, that seeing someone chase their dreams is great, regardless of circumstance, and if photography is truly his passion – with such a large social media following and reach, he deserves a chance to explore his talent. Burberry made a great decision in getting people interested in what goes on behind the photos and Brooklyn made a great impression with the shots we’ve seen so far.

To check out more of the campaign, some behind the scenes videos, and what photos have been released so far check out Brooklyn‘s and Burberry‘s Instagram profiles.


Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.